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Gastrocnemius Pain from Squatting

I’ve recently bought elevated heel shoes and now I’m going slightly deeper than I had with just wrestling shoes. However, because I’m going deeper, I seem to be bouncing off my gastrocnemius muscle. I’m not dive bombing and extremely bouncing off, but my hammies/glutes do come into contact with it. However, after, before, and during the squat, the calf muscle hurts like shit. It’s nothing too major and doesn’t hinder my performance but it’s extra pain I have to deal with.

The pain is sort of a soreness, not stinging.
This pain also comes up whenever I squat all the way down. Whenever I need to pick up something off the floor and I squat down to pick it up. As I stand back up, it is extremely painful in the gastrocnemius muscle.

Anyone else had/have this? Ways to treat it besides foam rolling, which I am doing as often as possible.