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Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease-GERD

Does anyone out there have this? I developed it about a year ago. The symptoms for me are heartburn (even burns the esophagus)and reflux (hard to swallow). As soon as I cut the ephedrine and coffee out (frequent user of both), 90% of the problem was gone. In addition to that, I watch out for spicy foods that can bring on the heartburn. I take alka-seltzer anti-acid tablets at dinner time and that seems to help as well.
Anyone else experienced this???What have you done to eliminate the problem?

I think the best thing to do for this ailment is to stay away from the things that cause it to flare up. Also you might want to try a probiotic supplement along with supplemental glutamine, both which help the stomach.


Short of surgery, I don’t know that anything will eliminate GERD however, ingesting ginger root tablets before each meal may alleviate some of the the symptoms.

Try Mastic, one or two smashed up Garlic cloves to release the allicin, and freshly made vegetables juices low in sugar (i.e. celery, zucchini, and parsley). The juices are highly alkaline, mastic and garlic have been shown to kill h. pylori. A write-up on the effectiveness of using mastic gum for this product was in the JAMA (journal of American Medical Association).

This is a very simple situation to deal with without surgery. The most common although almost undiagnosed cause is a LACK of stomach hydrochloric acid production. The reason the symptoms decrease when ephedrine and coffee are eliminated is because the caffiene stimulates the adrenals and in turn when the adrenals are very active stomach hcl production is shut down or minimized. Ant-acids will make this problem never go away, it will only relieve the symptoms until next time. You will stress the adrenals a bit less with the caffiene if you dose it with food. However the most likely senario is to increase the hcl output in your stomach. It sounds counter intuitive but I’ve worked with hundreds of clients over the years and have yet to see this not be the primary issue. You may have other problems in that this can be a complex issue however it begins with the hcl acid situation in the stomach. If you have more questions either post me here or if I don’t get back quick enough just email me at [Not allowed on forum- MOD]

I HAD the same problems… got on paxil, got a divorce, and it all cleared up…

I had severe heartburn daily, may or may not have been GERD, anyway, got a prescripton med for it, but after months on it, yes it worked, I heard the meds may screw up my stomach down the line. I stopped taking the meds, and months later, went on a low carb diet, not for that, for bodybuilding, long-term health, etc, and by golly, I had one episode on the 2nd day of the low carb diet, and no more since~since Apr, 01. It was from the Rob Faigin book, "Natural Hormonal Enhancement. I still drink coffee, 1, 2 cups/day, but no ephedrine.

I’ve heard red wine helps bile production, and (I heard) contains a powerful antioxidant. Anyone else heard this?

i am in the same boat as you, the ephedrine caused me to develop this and now i take nexium twice a day
i had to have oharengial endoscopy and all sorts of prodding tests, and when i stopped thermos my problem stopped

take digestive enzymes everyday. Take a good calcium supplement like CORAL CALCIUM. Do not use doctors’ poisons like prevacid etc that inhibits your body’s ability to digest your food. You will only get sicker. Used long term they are carcinogens. To sum up, use digestive enzymes, alkalize your body with the appropriate foods and use CORAL CALCIUM.
You will feel better in 3 days.

Ok, take Nicklac’s advice and ignore your doctor. Go with something horribly unproven. Better yet, go with digestive enzymes that do NOTHING to treat the problem. It’s not a digestion problem. PPI’s, like Prevacid, Prilosec, or Nexium are meant to be taken short term so that your stomach has a chance to heal. Note that I didn’t say “long-term” which renders the carcinogen argument worthless. Besides, they aren’t carcinogens, though long term they may provide an environment that predisposes to cancer. It’s a shame when facts get in the way of a good argument.

Dude I was like that, I was taking tums like candy, I looked into everything, then one day I was pissed off and I squeeze down on my diaphram, took a big deep breath and applied all th epressure i could take to my stomach area, and the burning went away, it was like I was closing the opening to the stomach, anyway it’s been a few month now I went without eat tims…try let me know if that helps,

typical arrogant doctor. as usual, you are wrong. my recommendations are based on experience and will work. take prevacid or prilosec yourself and see what happens. won’t do it? I didn’t think so.

lack of digestion is the core problem with too many acid producing foods.

Since when did most doctors start treating problems and not the symptoms? I guess times are a changin.

Arrogance has nothing to do with it. What I present is fact-based, researched info. It’s the complete opposite of what you’re presenting. You say it’s well researched. Show me something. The fact is that it’s NOT a digestive problem, and you’re truly showing your ignorance by insisting that it is. I could sit here and call you the typical ignorant patient who thinks he knows better than his doc, despite evidence to the contrary. Ok, that is what I’m calling you. I could sit here and claim Pepto-Bismol is great for femur fractures and that “There’s research backing it up, and the primary problem with femur fractures is a lack o’ Pepto,” but that doesn’t make it true. YOU’RE the one trying to convince us of something that’s well refuted already. YOU should present facts, not conjecture. And, as for taking a PPI, I certainly would if I suffered from GERD, as they’re wonderful drugs when used appropriately. And I’m sure you’ve had lots of patients who can tell you all about it, right?

herbal tincture of meadowsweet cured my mates
problem 1 teaspoon before meals

Go to your doctor and if he diagnoses that you DO have GERD,Ask him for a prescription for Nexium which is the new Prilosec both made by a company by the name of Astra Zeneca.On the web @ www.astrazeneca.com
This drug is very expensive but taken once a day you can drink a bottle of hot sauce and not have any heartburn at all,not to mention it heals erosion of your esofagus where the heartburn takes place.
This company has a great patine assistance program that you can call foran application,fill it out and have your doc sign in when he gives you the script and thecompany will send you a 1 year supply totally free in 3 month intervals.It is what i do and the drug is incredible.Best of luck!

One thing that I have used in the clinic is the increase the water you drink. The mucus membrane covering the stomach wall is 98 percent water and two percent physical scaffolding that traps water. In this water layer called mucus, a natural buffer state is established. The cells below secrete sodium bicarbonate that is trapped in the water layer. As the acid from the stomach tries to go through this protective layer, the bicarbonate neutralizes it. This pain may be signal of dehydration. Try it. I think it might help along with taking out the irritants.

Man I have had that problem before,I started drinking more water and cleaned up my eating habits,and cut back on coffee for some reason coffee does give alot of people heartburn.