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Gastritis - Getting Back Into Exercise


Hi guys. This is my first post.

I'm in my early 30's and am decently active and do martial arts and was getting into basic weight lifting. About 3 months I was getting stomach pains, upper abdominal pains and reflux. I saw a doctor and he gave me a quick diagnosis of acid reflux/gerd and he put me on a bunch of pills. After 1-2 months on these the issues didn't go away so I saw another doctor who sent me to a specialist who performed an enteroscopy on me and told me I have Gastritis. Currently I'm waiting for the specialist to send the report to my GP so we can work out the next course of action.

Anyway during this period I ceased all my sports and athletic endeavors and became a hermit and started eating a lot less and dropped from 149lb to 136lb and have lost any muscle I have. Food's become a weird thing now and I cut a lot of stuff out but was also was skipping meals as the once great joy of eating has become drag due to what has been going on with my stomach and state of health. Also because I've been so inactive I feel weak and lethargic but I now stay up late and get up later seeing as my body isn't physically active.

So what I wanted to ask is, I want to start getting active again and want to start exercising and gaining strength and mobility back but I'm unsure how to approach it as I don't want to do something to my body to prolong my recovery. I'm not sure if there's anyone who's been through a similar situation but if you have and you give me any advice, I'd be really appreciative.

Thanks for reading.