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Gastric Bypass is a crock

Al Roker is a Mr. Potato Head body double.

Al Roker didn’t say that he tried all the diets and that they didn’t work. He said that he tried them and wasn’t strong enough to keep it up. He admitted his weakness. If this surgery gives him enough added oomph to his willpower to keep the weight off, then what’s the problem?

I just ran across this thread and I agree with many of the comments in previous posts. I think gastric bypass surgery is an inherently dangerous and life-altering procedure. Basically it involves stapling a “seam” across the stomach to create a pouch about the size of an egg. The new pouch is surgically altered to bypass the initial twelve inches or so of the small intestine. This is where the majority of digestion and nutrient absorption occur. This results in patients eating sub-optimal amounts of calories every day and utilizing even less since they can’t absorb much. They are required to supplement with extra vitamins and minerals in the hopes of maintaining a poor standard of cellular functioning. These people are in a chronic catabolic state, do not receive adequate nutrition to maintain anything near optimal health, and in the end they are still overweight.
On top of all that, they are still required to change their eating habits and follow a regular exercise routine. Overindulgence results in nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea. The stomach is quite elastic and maleable, so over time they will be able to handle greater volumes of food, but nothing near their presurgery condition.
So why not just make the commitment to change your eating habits and pursue regular exercise in the first place. It is not necessary to undergo irreversible surgery to change your current state of health. It seems to me the immediate and long term consequences of surgery are far more dangerous and difficult to handle than enduring the mental hardships associated with the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Not necessarily. Think about it this way: many people are compelled to eat. Not just tempted, but in the true psychological sense of the word, compelled. Who knows why this is… it might be a psychological problem, or a chemical imbalance. But the bottom line is that the surgery enforces certain restrictions on the person that normal willpower has failed to do. Perhaps they could bounce from psychologist to psychologist, getting prescribed this or that to control their eating, and in the end they’d be just as dangerously medicated and probably just as fat. Or, they can take a step that will absolutely and unquestioningly force them into a new way of life. No, it’s not optimal, but it is a way.

I just wanted to add to something Patricia said…

Yes…there is a psychological transformation that is being “bypassed” by this procedure (no pun intended), but a physiological one as well. The physiology of the body must be changed from one that is efficient at weight gain and fat storing to one that is efficient at fat burning and muscle building. If this tranformation doesn’t occur, permanent weight loss, is at best, temporary. J.B. and “ScienceLink” are at the forfront of this transformation.

Secondly…the LARGE increase in the number of GB procedures is in direct correlation with insurance companies to pay for them; and at close to $15,000.00 JUST FOR THE SURGEONS FEE, it has added to insurance cost.

(One last thing…a gay, fat person would be tarred, feathered and “drawn and quarted” (ala “Braveheart”) by you guys! What a TOUGH bunch!)

I just read the Roker article…his surgury was a whopping $50,000.00!!! (Paid by insurance).


Saw it on “CNN” this morning…

Now a Senator has gotten on the “Gastric Bypass” bandwagon, and is now prominent in the news…

Another stat from the Roker article…Gastric Bypasses in the U.S. have DOUBLED from 40,000 to 80,000/yr, since just the year 2000.

Actually, Rep. Jerry Nadler from New York…

Articulate guy…actually did it because he was scared…

LMAO,…thanks dude i needed that

I saw the 20/20 thing and doesn’t anyone realize this is the surgical version of anorexia and bulemia? The stomach is so small it can barely hold any food forcing the person to eat an unhealthy low level of calories, then the food is being “purged” before the calories can be absorbed by bypassing half of the intestines. How is this a disease if you do it to yourself and a cure if you have it done surgically???