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Gastric Bypass is a crock

There are some fat fucks at work who had the surgery. They lost some weight but still are fat. Everyone says the stomach is big as your thumb. Bullshit! These people eat pizza, fries, the same damn food they did to make them huge. Good size quantities too. What bothers me most is they risked their life to lose weight and still eat the same and don’t do jack shit for exercise. Al Roker lost weight but he will always look like a geek.

i’ll admit i’m not a big fan of it. i do think that in the morbidly obese drastic measures are understandable, hell their life is danger anyway so what’s a little slice and dice to add to the pot? i strongly suspect, though, that this will become a popular solution for people who are in no real imminent threat but want to look better instead of simply changing their diet and working out.

Well, there’s some pretty nightmarish stories out there (well documented) on failed and complicated gastric surgeries, all in the name of weight loss. That Al Roker is having succesful weight loss AND is keeping his energy up without complications is “lucky.” The risks probably won’t be well publicised until some celebrity goes through the nightmare.

I agree. It is an easy out for most people. The options are put in the work and lose weight and look great, or do surgery and still look fat. I saw Al Roker on TV and he still looks fat to me. Now a bunch of people are gonna run out and do the surgery cause Al Roker did it. The O-coordinator for the Pats did the surgery and almost died, and he’s still fat too. Morons.

they choose surgery and they pay the consequences. i am not sure abou the good size qty thing though, every “48hours” type show shows a lady that cant even eat more than 1/2 a burrito or else she vomits or gets diahrea or soemthing

What I am saying is that people eat WAY MORE than what they were supposed to.

My mother had it and like you said she is still big and still continues to eat crap. I was FAT all the way up through my twenties and finally got off my ass and changed things. Even after losing 102 pounds myself she still decided to have the surgery. It never ceases to amaze me how people like my mother (who was a nurse for years) can know exactly what it is they do to themselves and yet continue to ignore it. I try to tell people around the office about what’s right and wrong and yet they still ignore the facts. I went so far as to print off the entire “Meltdown” workout so people could see how misguided their marathon aerobic sessions were. Here’s what I get in return, “Well… I’m gonna try a couple of thoses exercises and step up my cardio and see where it takes me.” Give me an f’ing break! I’m now at the point that I don’t offer my advise anymore. If you want help you need to get off your king-sized twinkie ass and find your own way! As for people having these surgeries, somewhere down the road this will come back to bite them. Wait and see.

i actually know a couple of people who have had this done. unlike the other posts these people cant even eat. one lady puked every time she so much as drank a glass of water. what happens with a lot of them is that they lose all of their muscle mass since they are eating only a couple hundred calories per day. they obviously arent getting all of the proper nutrients, thats when the ugly side effects show up. such as hair falling out, and skin disorders. what i find even more disgusting is that after all of this “weight” is lost they have to return to the doctor to have further operations to remove all the nasty skin that is hanging. i dont know how you guys say that some of these people still eat like usual when their stomach has basically been removed from their body? whats disturbing is that i have seen these surgeries advertised on tv and in the local newspaper.

Don’t worry about it being advertised in the paper and such, Al Roker has just introduced it to the world.

The ‘new’ stomach will grow… if people consistently fill up, it will expand and they’ll end up at square one.

Two women I know from work just had this surgery and they are still lazy shit eating lard asses. They lost weight RIGHT AFTER the surgery but that was it. Probably due to the body trying to recover from such an invasive procedure and being unable to eat much at first. Now that they are recovered they are right back doing the same crap as before. I asked one if she exercised now, she said “Oh yes of course! I walk a mile every day, well unless it is too cold or too rainy, or too windy, or too hot.” I shit you not that is word for word what she said. I was like “Wow…”.(In my head “Please just fucking die allready and stop making my insurance premiums go up”) Her insurance company paid for the procedure. I don’t see how these people can stand to live thier pathetic little lives.

Wow, I just now saw this thread. And I have to say that I had seen a pic of “still fat” Al Roker earlier this week and he really is just a “smaller” version of his previous fatty self. He doesn’t look healthy either. He still has a double chin.

WHAT do people learn from these radical procedures to lose weight? Do they learn about proper nutrition? Probably not. Do they learn anything about the benefits of a physically active lifestyle? Nope. I believe that many of these people still eat junk - only in smaller amounts.

This stuff just plain scares me. And I also feel very, very sorry for the people who turn to these quick fixes.....

While watching Oprah today (Yes, I was getting in touch with my feminine side) they had a 15 year old teen that had gastric bypass. He was 450 lbs. In cases like these, I believe its not what the child is eating, but rather what is eating at the child.

Look at what happened to Charlie Weiss, offensive coordinator for the Patriots, he was in a wheelchair for a while and had serious complications.

the thing I found funny was how everyone was saying how “great” AL Roker looked, to me the guy looked the same. He had that double chin still and he was still fat… gah… I think this is only the begining.

excuse my ignorance, but who in the hell is al roker?

LMAO. Man, you really cracked me up. The protein drink almost came out of my nose.

Look, some people don’t have much willpower. They’re weak. And if they can afford to go to the hospital and maybe make themselves just a little less likely to keel over, I say ‘more power to you.’ No, Patricia, they certainly don’t have your dedication or force of will, but maybe a gastric bypass will give them the ability to at least lose some weight and ingest less of the crap that they’ve been eating. Obviously, if a person is going to do it, they should do it like Carnie Wilson or Al Roker, with a regular exercise regime and a planned diet. If they don’t do something similar to that, then it will come back on. I’m just saying that it’s ok for some people to admit that they’re weak and take their chances with the operation. And if it works, who are we to judge?

Al Roker said “I tried the workouts, I tried the diets”… Oh, horsesh*t! Whenever they need someone to judge the “Best Chili” or “Best Ribs” contest on the Food Network, Al Roker is right there. Yeah Al, you’re trying real hard.

I think that it is laughable and sad that people are praising Al Roker so much for losing weight. All he did was take the easy way out and get a dangerous form of surgery. How pathetic! What ever happened to having a work ethic and losing weight the old fashioned way: diet and exercise.