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Gastonia, NC Gyms?


Recommendations, please.

My searches aren't turning up anything except YMCA's and Planet Fatnesses.



Didn't you say you worked out at a YMCA?


One of the 3 gyms that I go to is a YMCA-- it's not too shabby although I have to go other places for certain things like back work, shoulder work, and rack work.

YMCA's can be nice, nasty, or some shade of in between. Many of the ones that I've scoped out on the road haven't had a weight room worth shit. If someone knows something about the Y's in Gastonia, that would be great! Thanks!


Ah cool.

Reason I asked is being a YMCA member has basically given me a place to train for free whenever i'm travelling. When I was travelling around a lot in summer 2009, I was able to use a YMCA in Alabama, Chicago and Ottawa all for free.


I think I found my temporary home for a week...