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Gasp! Low Testosterone.

Well, I’ve got a notice in the mail today after taking a test for testosterone levels. They letter said I had Low levels of T, and that I need to set up an appointment.

Does anyone think it would be safe to go along with prescription help, if recommended? I have and continue to do it all-Eat my legumes, eat plenty of cholestoral, lift heavy, exercise often, have sex plenty, etc.

The only option left is assistance from prescription.

Yes, professional medical treatment is fine to boost your T levels. I suggest, however, that before you go you get yourself as educated as possible on HRT - what are the options, pros and cons of various treatments, optimal timing etc.

All this used to be in one convenient location on the Over 35 forum, which is now defunct (Curse you, T-Nation!!!). The best option for finding what you need is probably to go through KSman’s posts.