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What’s up with gas prices? Why did we take over that shithole if only to pay 2 bucks a gallon. I’d like to hear from you “conspiracy theory” folks on this subject cause I’m confused.

The prices will go down before the election.

man, I am paying 87.9 a litre… or $3.41 a gallon. and this is cheap for around here.

-Dave’one more reason to move south’ Lastname

It hit 1.00$ a litre in Quebec today.

Almost 14% more.

They`ve got us by the balls.

Today`s National Post said it best:

“During the months of March and April, while U.S. gas prices did increase, they were not subject to the same daily and weekly swings as here in Canada. With their antitrust legislation, and the possibility of being called before senate subcommittees and the prospect of jail time if found guilty of collusion, U.S. gas companies are much more careful to justify price hikes.”

We didnt go there for their oil.

You may not realize it, but America has had some amazingly low gas prices at the pumps, compared to other countries. I wouldn’t expect things to improve much given that there is a finite supply of oil.

What if I told you that all this outsourcing to third world countries is partly to blame? India and China are using much more oil than they have in the past, many thanks to our US Dollar. Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox, but you can see where this is leading. Supply… demand… prices…

I don’t think they’ve had a chance to get it out of the ground yet. I hope some cheap gas comes out of this war, and some more hilarious torture photos.

Anal is a college hazing.

China’s growth has been a big part of the oil price changes. The big question is with China’s economy slowing down. Will it have a hard landing like is expected? Or will it be a soft landing the same way China has managed to pull it off in the past. Smart money is on the latter. Also oil prices have hurt Asian currencies, which has resulted in the US Dollar strengthening for the first time in quite a while. A nice soft slowdown in China’s economic growth should also weigh favorably on US Equity markets. Macro economic shocks like oil prices should create a greater risk of stagflation in Europe than in the US. Bottom line is that it’s much more complicated than simply supply and demand.

Nice input NothingFace. I agree with most of what you said. It is much more complicated than supply and demand. I wish I had the answers. I wish I got more than 20mpg.

You’d think that it would help with growth issues you mentioned if China’s currency was impacted by current prices, especially since their currency is already undervalued. I honestly don’t keep my finger on their economic pulse.

What do you think about the gas prices to come? Memorial Day (I hope it peaks on Memorial Day weekend)?? I paid 2.20 a gallon on Sat. for regular grade.


It is as simple as supply and demand. As demand goes up, the price goes up. If the supply goes up, the price goes down.

China is a major factor, and while I have not looked closely at their economy, I have heard one “expert” talk about them being in a recovery. They are going to increase demand, and are expected to have a drag on the price worldwide.

But as far as conspiracy theories, as I have mentioned before, I read in the USA Today years ago about a secret memo from the oil industry, where they privately supported the environmentalists who kept trying to prevent the building of refineries, and creating 28 different types of gasoline for “environmental” reasons.

This means that regardless of world supplies, in America there can only be a certain amount of gas produced. We need more refineries. We need to quit letting OPEC manipulate prices, and we need to quit letting the oil companies work together. This is no different then having one big monopoly.

While I know that we are close to the top, and prices will go down somewhat, I am still unhappy at all the manipulation going on. I do a lot of driving, and have decided to switch to an old used Geo Metro. This should double my gas mileage. (If I get the same gas mileage as when I owned one before.)

Everyone tune up your car, check your tire levels.

Also the local news discussed some of this, and mentioned something called a Tornado. (Sold on infomercials.) One person tested it, not expecting it to work, but he ended up with a small increase in mileage. I think I will check it out myself. It was available at some local auto part stores.

It’s called Peak Oil. AKA “Hubbert’s Peak.”

Gas prices are very cheap in the US compared to here in Europe, in France for instance price is 1.60$/liter or
6$/gallon and even worse in the uk where prices are about 30% higher… The only positive thing we have is that gas prices are state controlled so no pricehikes, at least not like in the US.

You Americans shouldn’t complain so much about fuelprices. In Sweden it’s about 1,25 US per liter. That's over 5 per gallon!!

It’s President Bush’s fault that gas prices are high! Bush lied to the American people…he is rotten, no good I tell you…and he probably didn’t call his mother on mothers day!

(thought I would trash Bush before Lumpy, Vrooom, RSU, and the other tow or three liberal nut balls had a shot at him)

RANDOM THOUGHTS-Theoretically, where I’m currently living should have some of the lowest gas prices on the planet because the import from the Gulf, and processing, happen right in this area.
Seeing Oil Drilling rigs and dozens of tankers dotting the horizon is an awesome sight… too bad the town devoted to processing the oil has some of the worst smells/pollution in the country. I can’t even go to the town at night because that’s when they REALLY pump the shit out (although they cover it up by putting “pretty” lights on all of the buildings/equipment). I’ll post a pic when I get one.
At any rate, gas prices here are now the same as I was paying when I left Ontario…

The biggest problem with the price of gas today is that their are so many different types of gas. For instance, California has a special gas, made in Phoenix, that nobody else in the entire country uses. The oil companies are greedy bastards, but when the feds dont mandate that everyone use the same gas we as consumers are going to get the short end of the stick. Each state decides what type of gas is allowed, thus the refineries have to produce multiple types of fuel, which we get to pay extra for. If we had federal standards are gas prices would dramatically reduce.


of course prices will do down before election ~ prices go down at that same time every year ~ the election has nothing to do with it…

this isn’t a partisan thing folks ~ this is just a reality that we must deal with

New Conspiracy theory:

This is all part of the fat ass anti-exercise establishents’ plan.

  1. Sell the public on B.S. fast weightloss plans and useless dietpills. Resulting in fatter unhealthy people.

  2. Raise the price of oil and gas. Those damn suvs!

End Result: They are trying to get us all to ride mopeds and fuck fat chicks!



That gave me a good laugh. Funny stuff!