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Hello everyone. I'm 7 days into my first cycle ever, so I lack first hand knowledge of what to expect. I'm running test-e for 8 weeks. Week one, 1000mg; Two, 750mg; Three, 750mg; Four, 500mg; Five, 500mg; so on and so forth for the remaining three weeks. As I am in week one, I don't even know if the shit is real or not. As of yet, I've gained nothing but INTENSELY sore swollen quads. I feel like I've had more energy in general, but it's hard to discern whether or not it is a reality or simply the placebo effect because I know that I am, "Supposed," to have more energy, you know? Anyways, does test-e give you a lot of awful smelling gas? I mean not bad smelling, but f*%#$$ horrendous? Is that normal? I think that's it. By the way, I weighed in at 225 before cycle at about 6', (probably not quite though). Any helpful information from people who know what they're saying would be greatly appreciated.


I always have gas when bulking...but I attribute it to shoveling food in my face all day rather than gear. I don't know of any way they'd be connected.


When I used test enanthate I usually didn't notice anything dramatic until the second or third week even with a frontload. Give it another week or so.


Maybe your face just smells like shit.


seven days in and you havnt gotten that intitial onset of water weight(even with 1g injection) your gear it probably fake or severely underdosed.

Oh yea and run Test e for 10weeks aleast @500mg EW, no need to go a gram on your first cycle. Save those higher dosages for future cycles.


Gas is not something you should get from Test E.

I get gas from cafeine pills and some NO-products. The kind of gas the Iranians would pay me money for.


Negative, this is long-estered Test we're talking about, not prop. Half-life is 5-6 days. It's pretty common for it to take 2-3 weeks to kick with enanthate or cypionate.


Thanks to those with good replies.


I didnt say 7 days for it to kick in, i said 7 days for initial water retention. 7 days and ZERO weight gain, I would be skeptical, especially from a gram of test.


Yea, I usually jump up 3 to 5 pounds the first week from water retention.