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Gas with New Diet

I’ve been messing with my diet for a month now, i use Sci-MX along and i get a little bit of gas.

A little bit of gas isn’t all that horrible but the smell. Oh lord the smell. It is horror.

I was wondering if it could be the protein shakes, the eggs or just my body adjusting to a different diet

Whenever gas is a problem I’ll increase my fiber intake (def add some fiber to your protein shakes, benefiber works well) and also take digestive enzymes with every meal. Super Digestaway is a good one.

i used to get horrid gas when i was on a high carb day; so it could be your carb intake or carb sensitivity.

also, are you eating your veggies? for a while i was only eating an apple a day; i added a bunch of veggies, fiber tabs and its rare that i release that room-clearing stench from below anymore.

Did you change to a new protein shake or switch brands? Have you increased your egg intake? Are you suddenly eating a lot more beef?

there is one brand of protein powder which gives me such horridly bad smelling gas, that my wife dubbed my farts RCE’s - Room Clearing Events

i changed to a different protein shake and it cleared it up. not really sure why though as they basically look identical on the label.

for me, casein is a major stomach culprit. i use eggwhite instead for slow releasing protein.

I’m drinking Sci-MX’s Lean grow Extreme for now.
Also i think i might not be eating enough veggies.
Thanks for the help