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Gas Station Robbery


My friend's two nephews were robbed last night at the gas station. One of them had a cpl and was carrying at the time. The guy pulled his weapon first and had it on him (my friends nephew). He patted my friends nephew down and took his weapon from him and his cash. No one was hurt.

Now i know the purpose of having a cpl is to prevent yourself from being a victim. But what can you honestly do when someone already has a gun on you? Should you walk around with a chambered bullet? What can be done??


Draw that shit fast and pop that ******.


How about paying attention to surroundings? A weapon is not a substitude for good sense.


Duh??? Wtf is the point of carrying if you don't have a round already chambered? That being said I doubt it would of made a difference in this case. If they have the draw on you then you've already lost.

Sucks that he lost his piece but it could of been much worse. I'm not quite sure how a group of people doesn't have enough situational awareness to prevent this situation though.....kind of puzzling.


Everyone lets their guard down sometimes. Sometimes you get caught.

That situation sucks. I dont want to get in a quickdraw contest with anyone.

But say they had been sitting in a diner and man walks in and starts blowing away the waitstaff...thats when your weapon is gonna help you.


Really? At gas stations? That is like letting your guard down at an atm machine. How the hell does someone get that close to you with a gun cocked and aimed at you before you realize they are invading your personal space?

Should someone that blind to their surroundings be carrying a piece in the first place?


It's ok he didn't have one in chamber. He probably had the safety on too.


I understand what you're saying, but is it not a bit shortsighted to assume that one can always avoid that situation simply by keeping his guard up?

If someone is behind the counter with a concealed weapon, and I walk into the gas station and put a gun to his face, what are his legitimate options? Unless he keeps the gun pointed at every customer, then it's not really up to him. Sure, if someone looks suspicious then you can be more careful, but you're in a vulnerable situation simply by being there.

I've never been the victim of a robbery, armed or otherwise, but I would think that if someone with a gun has every intention to rob you, and does not start shaking like a bitch and give away his intentions, then he is the one who really gets to dictate how the situation goes, regardless of whether you have a weapon or not.


No kidding...

Gee, that is why people who grew up in rougher neighborhoods are ALWAYS on the lookout for mutherfuckers with guns and a desire to take your shit.

Walking into a gas station and pulling a gun is NOT the same as someone walking up on you OUTSIDE. Most of these gas station attendants are aware of that risk which is why there is often bullet proof glass between the cash register and the counter in neighborhoods where this is likely to go down.

There is very little chance of someone OUTSIDE walking up on me without me noticing at all unless I am uncharacteristically ignoring my surroundings.

Not looking like a fucking target also helps no matter how many guns you have on you.


lol as if what you told me is something I didn't know just because I've never had it happen to me. Do you think people who didn't grow up in rough neighborhoods are unable to pay attention to their surroundings? For all you know, the only reason I haven't been robbed is because I don't go places where I'm likely to be robbed, yet you assume it's related to some naivete on my part.

I was assuming his friend's nephews were working at the gas station since attendants are normally the ones who get held up. Most gas stations where I am do not have bullet proof glass. Even if they did, that would just mean the criminals would spread to places that they can hold up.

And if you were standing outside a gas station, and I was in the passenger seat of a car that pulled into a parking spot in front of you, are you saying I couldn't have a gun on you before you could do anything about it? People were quick to jump on the idea that they just weren't paying attention, were unaware etc., and I'm making the point that sometimes you aren't the one in control and it's not up to you.


Regardless of how much attention someone is paying to their surroundings, you can't go pulling your gun on every shady looking motherfucker. That's a quick way to lose your gun priveleges.


No one said you had to shoot them. Pistol whippin is just as effective.


Quite the opposite, genius, thus my first response in this thread. Hard to keep up?

I don't care about you ever being robbed. This isn't about you. It isn't like you can't pick up in hints about a person's background based on what info they do give in their writing.

Wow, so you made up some whole scenario based on ZERO info implying any such thing that they are gas station attendants and the whole gas station was robbed???

Assuming a tad much, huh?

They usually call those DRIVE BYS so no, that is NOT the same as what we are discussing and I doubt his friends would have lived to discuss it living through one.


Being aware of someone headed straight towards you does not cause loss of privileges. Even beginning the reach for it implying you are strapped to deter an aggressor is also NOT against the law.


Pussies and their guns.

Real men slice.


Honestly X if the guy is a practiced thief, i.e. he's robbed a lot of people before, then he knows how to pick his target. He knows how to get close to someone without telegraphing his intentions. I've seen some of the most street wise people get caught out their because the thief either was too fast or just knew how to position himself without rising suspicion.

Anyone can get caught out there.


This isn't about "out there". This is a fucking gas station. That usually means a very open space with limited blind spots behind gas pumps, bright lights, and in many cases even camera surveillance. That means YOU, a stationary target, has to somehow not notice someone walking close enough to pull a gun. That would mean that unless the guy's car was parked somewhere close and you assumed he was walking to his car OR this was a busy time of day with many pedestrians walking by (which would decrease the chance of being assaulted in the first place), then NOT noticing someone coming that close to you is a fault.

YES, just like being at an atm machine, while you may get robbed, the SURPRISE ATTACK where you never even see them coming should not be happening much.


Non threatening guy trying to bum a cigarette is suddenly yelling guy with a gun in his hand.


I think the problem is....there should never even be a "non threatening guy". What does that even mean? Is this like one of those games where you lock your doors for the "threatening looking guy" but completely ignore "nonthreatening guy"???


I was driving home at 3am this morning and noticed a "nonthreatening guy" waving for a hitchhike. Clearly, I should have stopped. He was "non threatening" so no red flags were raised.