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Gas Shortage

I arrive back in Phoenix today and there is a gas shortage, a serious shortage. What the heck is that about?

Could be two weeks, maybe more.


Finally a thread I can get into. I just spent three hours waiting for gas Monday night. I thought if I went out into Gold Canyon I would be ahead of the game. Ha ha. This sucks, my training was just now getting into high gear with the Mag-10 I started yesterday, now my lifting has become a luxury that has to take a back seat to other things. Oh well, it’ll pass, right?

Saw this on the news today, You guys have two main pipe lines leading into Phoenix and one burst and had to be shut down. Thats a major Bummer!

Yep, used to live in Glendale.

I can only imagine what mixing 115 degree heat with running on gas fumes, waiting for half an hour to an hour for gas would be like…

Most likely LOTS of overheated, pissed off and surly people!

I do feel for y’all and don’t mean to sound like an ass, but I sure am glad I’m in the much cooler Pacific Northwest! And that we still have gas!

On the news over here they say the pipeline has been down for awhile and there wasn’t a “shortage” until the public found out and started panic buying.

Leave it to the liberal news outlets to blame the problem on the people. Everything is always our fault.

Good news today is that their testing the repaired pipe tonight and the situation should be back to normal by this weekend.

I read to day that gas may hit $2.25/gallon in California before this supply issue runs its course. Ouch

Diesel is up $.20 a gallon already here. I guess we’re supposed to be having refinery troubles. Where the hell do they think we are, Iraq?

We’ve been tight on refinery capacity in the West for years. Every time a major oil company tries to build one the environmentalists and NIMBYs stop them with lawsuits and shit.

That’s also a leading factor in our lack of major improvements in the power distribution grid. Nobody wants a line in behind their house but they sure scream when the microwave stops popping the bag of Butter Lover’s Popcorn and the DVD won’t play.