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Gas Prices

Gas is only 1.25 a gallon here in rural VA. But all you have to do is drive 2 hours norht to the DC area, and you can find 1.45 pretty quick. Why is that?

.79 cents a gallon for super and between 70-72 cents a gallon for the cheap stuff.
I’m in the Middle East.

“Knowledge Gives Birth to Strength”

Kittie… williston? man I hated williston when I lived there as a kid, hows yer drinking water hehe

Iowa, it’s about $1.38 a gallon, give or take a few cents. It goes up and down daily

yes, i live in Oklahoma. What military base are you at?

Try 1.70 to 1.80 already in Chicago. In the summer they get as high as 2.50. It’s ridiculous.