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Gas Prices

I was wondering what everyone pays for gas. I pay $1.30 per gallon for regular unleaded. I live in San Marcos,TX. What does everyone else pay? And where?

Croatia. Around 80 cents per liter; if a gallon is 3,8 l, that would be 3 US$/gallon. Average salary in Croatia is 480 US$/month and the cost of life can be compared to the one in US, or it’s even more expensive. No, I don’t understand how exactly we manage to survive here.

~$1.30 for regular unleaded up to ~$1.54 for super UL here in College Station. BTW, is Cafe de Court still open there in SM?

Chicago, IL…roughly 1.65 for 87 octane, 1.99 for premium…what a fucking rip-off.

$1.60-1.70 for 87 in the Silicon Valley/Bay Area of CA.

It ranges from $1.30 to $1.65/gallon here in the puget sound region of Washington. Luckily I live in the small town of Yelm and we have managed to stay toward the low end.

About $1.51 a gallon here. But I rarely drive - either walk to work or use Public Transportation.

Try $1.86 in Fairfield Connecticut.

1.39 for unleaded here in portland.

i paid $1.25 today in comanche oklahoma

ooops, didn’t mention: Portland, Or

And it is anywhere from $1.40 to $1.51 here - ;-)

Hey Sprout, Cafe de Courte is still here, it just does not have the cafe. They left the name up, but they moved all the stuff out. It is just pool tables and stuff now, like it was in the back.

Just filled up this morning here in sunny San Diego and paid $1.55 a gallon regular unleaded.

Chicago-- Way too much!

I live in Phila.PA and we pay $1.39/gal for regular.

Do you live in OK?, BTW I pay 1.25 on a military installation in Oklahoma.

$1.49 a gallon in Williston, North Dakota

a few weeks ago in denver it was between .98 to 1.04 for 85. now its back up to 129-139 range.

I pay 1.75/gallon for unleaded on the island of Kauai. Side note a gallon of milk is 6 bucks here. Fuckin everything on this rock is way overpriced, but the weather is nice.

$1.19 here in Indianapolis.