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Gas Mask Training for MMA Questions~!!!!!


so i bought a training mask the other day and its on its way, but i have a couple questions about it, has anyone here used it and what were your results, and also if i were to just wear it around the house when im not doing some type of conditioning, just like sitting and watching t.v. do you know if that would help my cardio as well? thanks!


I've used one and really like the results. It seemed to have all of the same cardio effects as running, even though I was only going for a walk while wearing it. I also noted a slight increase in diaphragm strength as well.
The expand a lung product will increase the strength to a large degree, but the mask is good conditioning just while your doing anything active at all, in fact you need some kind of activity to increase the intensity of the mask.


Idk much about this could someone explain? Does it just make it harder to breathe? Where did you order this mask from?


Just google high altitude training mask, it costs about $75. The mask works by forcing you to breathe through a small hole, but works better if you are actually doing cardio while wearing it..l


I think the mask is a brilliant idea.
But y would you buy something before asking these questions about it?
I like to know as much as I can about something before I decide to spend money on it.
Wonder how the mask would work for tire flipping or sledge hammer drills?


I've never been really sure of the point of these. The benefit of training at altitude comes from living there; it takes a lot of time to develop the extra blood cells. If I can run a 6 min mile without the mask, but with the mask can only run a 7 min mile, then why would I want to wear the mask? I really don't get it.

And it looks ridiculous.


Theres a cheaper alternative.

Duct tape your mouth, seal one nostril with something rubbery.



just wear it for short intervals during training when you really want to gas yourself.

Pun intended.


I've got it, and like it. Here's a few things about it.

Get the original altitude training mask, not the 2.0 version. The original has the rubber straps that you can use to give a tighter fit to your head. I started wanting a harder level of resistance than the maximum (red) screw-in and so I did two things:

a. started walking with it on, as making your diaphram work more is needed or even the high (red) setting won't be as much as you need
b. I used super-glue to close a few of the holes that are used to help you breathe out, bc I noticed that the action of breathing in gets tired faster

Effects -
This has been the best thing that I've ever done to help my endurance, bar none. I've also noticed that I have more energy during the day, and want to move around a bit more. Also, bc of that, my metabolism has increased by a bit and my bodyfat is noticeably lower even though i'm only walking a half mile with it and doing my normal weight routine.

I can't even finish the half mile with it on yet, I feel like i'm about to pass out, that my diaphram is unbearably tired, but I am increasing the distance I can do. Be careful lol.


No. It works your diaphragm, not so much the red blood cells/altitude thing.

Basically your endurance for running or whatever is a function of how conditioned your lower body is + the conditioning of your diaphragm + the strength of your heart.

This takes care of the diaphragm and if you start using the mask, you'd be surprised how much energy a tired diaphragm can rob from you when you're doing anything remotely aerobic.


Hmm. Good explanation. Maybe I'll take a second look.


Also scalenes and other accessory (seratus, sternocleido etc). The benefits to your forced inspiratory capacity are pretty cool!

Another cheap alternative is a snorkel. Plug it up with more/less cotton to adjust the amount of air you can heave through it. Only problem with duct-taping your mouth (aside from making me spit coffee all over my keyboard) is if you push yourself too hard and your body panics from PO2 in your blood, it will be a pain to tear that tape open.


bas rutten's 02 trainer also looks good