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Gas Grill Input

Thread number 2 for the day is in regards to a new outdoor grill @ casa NeelyDan.

First of all, does anyone know how expensive it is (obviously there are variables at play) to run a gas line to, say, your 2nd floor deck?

In any event, looking for gas grill recommendations. Willing to spend upwards of 3 thousand on this purchase.

Perhaps I should have leveraged the search function prior to this one, but hey, fuck me if I’m not Canadian.

Running the gas line shouldn’t be that much. If you’re mechanically inclined you could do it yourself.
Just make sure you have enough clearance over the grill where you’re installing it. I’m not just talking about fires but grease and smoke stains as well.
Make sure you’ve got clearance in the back and sides as well. Helped a friend build a large screened deck and he decided to grill when we got finished. You know, vinyl siding takes strange shapes when it gets too hot.
You can get a Ducane at Costco. Good grill not too pricey. You could also get a combo grill/smoker.

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