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Gas chromatograph - any info?

Does anybody have any expertise in gas chromatographs, or specifically how steroid tests are conducted? Is something special required for a steroid screening that justifies its cost? Does anybody have any info on particularly the military and steroid screening? In particular, does the military have the facilities necessary to conduct these tests? Thanks in advance.

anybody have any info?

I’ve been somewhat involved with the AF program from the First Sergeant standpoint. I have NEVER seen anyone popped for steroids (most are turned in, and then rat out their friends). However, why take the chance? I have had to help my commander show a lot of people the door, its just not worth it. Believe me, that type of discharge won’t look good when your trying to get a job.

Just to shed some light on your question. I don’t know anything about what the military tests for. But I know if the military didn’t have the facilities, then they could easily “contract out” to have a private lab (or a government lab) to do the testing.