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Gary Johnson


I would have put this on the war on drugs or Ron Paul threads , but it has it's own merrit, I think the lady says it all for the Republicans


How can someone believe in God and NOT attend a church, of any sort? Sounds kind of like those people who claim they believe in God while practicing none of the Christian beliefs and values. Then Johnson gets on a Republican stage while saying he is pro-choice. He will never get my vote simply on that platform alone.


That bitch was annoying. He has some intelligent things to say.


church =/= God


Matty, saying you know something means nothing. Provide evidence to back your claim.

Please show me how Jesus, the Son of God did NOT give us the Catholic faith. Oh wait, you will never be able to do that. Nice try in building that straw man though! Nice playing with you ; )



You told him, I guess.


Ok, what about mosques? synagogues? other?
All those people believe in God(just as much or more than you) but don't attend church.


So your only requirement for a person to live spiritual life is to sit in some arbitrary building and be preached at by some "higher authority"?

If it does not matter which church someone attends to believe in god then why does it matter if one attends at all?


I think it is important that all realize how pervasive Jesus is in the Republican party


Now be fair and call out the pervasiveness of Marx in the Democratic Party.


I know we have in the beginning Marx created the heavens and the Earth , I am not really apposed to the Jesus I grew up with because he was a Flower Child , all peace ,love and good things I am apposed to this mean Jesus that hates people and thinks the poor are poor because they are sub standard


Just because you sit in a building is not what I was going for. Way to read way to far into things I did not type. Now how about going to church and then practicing what you learn there? Maybe even study the bible and see how many interpretations you have. How many will be original?

What is the point in discussing with the willfully ignorant?


You are welcome to think what you like , I grew up in church 6 days a week and twice on Sunday, I personally wrestle with whether I even believe in God , then I see how much he changed and I even doubt more

I personally practice all the things they taught me in church, I consider myself to be honest sincere and happy


Sounds to me if you like Gary Johnson, you'd LOVE Ron Paul.

Also, WTF does going to church have to do with believing in god? Oh, that's right, if you don't follow the "rules", jeebus sets you on fire and tosses your sinfull ass into a fiery pit of hell. But he loves you.....


yep he loves us like a bipolar, pill poppin' girlfriend.


And it's your voting bloc/demographic we can thank for the death of REAL political conservatism in the US.

If ya want to call yourself a conservative and get elected, ya gotta thump-a-Bible!


Johnson and Paul are going to split the politically conservative (what gets called Libertarian these days) vote unfortunately.

Paul has his following, and I doubt the hard-core will go to Johnson... but I bet Johnson picks up more new folks. It's really too bad. They should get together and agree to one bowing out.

I personally think Johnson is a much more viable candidate in a general election: he's younger, fit, relatively articulate, and doesn't do the goofy old-man stuff Paul sometimes slips into.


He's a secular man appealing to other secular people who nevertheless still believe in God. It's a contradiction, but still better than actually being a fundamentalist Christian like Ron Paul.