Gary Frank

Anyone know how Gary Frank trains? His results lead me to think he must have an awesome all around training program.

i have no idea…but i will tell you a lot of it is genetics…in my opinion he was born to be the strongest man in the world…he is amazing and fun as hell to watch…bm

Garry Franks total was like 2700 or some outrageous shit like that.
The guy is amazing!!!
Chuck V. from Westside won the light heavy. He squatted 992 as if it was 315.
Benched 365 and missed 580 twice.
I all came down to deadlift and Chuck came through big with a 815lb pull to win.


Gary Frank is a friggin specimen. His joints are the size of my legs and im not a small guy.

i could take him…

haha yep i said it, but unfortunately upon the sight of him im sure i would form a ball on the floor and weep.

1047-804-854-2705…or so. Here is link for all the results.

is it just me or does anyone else out there think almost benching your deadlift is ridiculus. leads me to think that the gear(bench shirs, squat suits) in powerlifting is getting out of hand. squat and bench records are destroyed, but the deadlift which is largly unaffected by gear is not really improving.

frank dosent even use a good bench shirt…he gets very very little out of his shirt he can bench like 700 raw…he pulled 854 thats a freaking lot…the bench numbers seem to be stabilizing i dont think its so much as advances in gear but the lifters are getting better at using it…the double denim shirt and canvas squat suits have been around for a while 10+ years and the gear rules for the big feds like the apf and wpo have not changed much there all on equal playing feild…its not gear in the squat much either… its bands…the bands have helped the squat tremendously there taking training up another level…every great squater uses bands religously cause they work…its not that the gear is getting out of control its the same gear as 10 years ago and they have not changed the rules at all…its the lifters are finally learning to perfect the gear and training style improvements have sky rocketed…bm

thats impressive. i thought hes pulled 930-935 in the past…?

rob, do you powerlift?

He is one massive man.

It was hard to relax when he had a hold on my neck.

I guess they do it in alphabetical order, but it’s kinda funny that the inzer booth is next to jazzersize…

with or w/o the gear it’s impressive…I tell you what, get the best shirt made and put 700 on the bar. Now have some spotters unrack it for you and see if you can even hold it…most likely it will come crashing down and decapitate you.

I am acually an olympic lifter but I do follow powerlifting and other strength sports like strongmam. I do squat and deadlift but oly style and as assistance exercises and I have not benched in years.

Big martin I agree that proper use of gear and especially band, chains and other forms of accomodating resistance has improved the lifts. Also appling different methods not used regularly in the past like westside has with rotating max effort exercises and speed days has done alot too but I just can not get my head around a 900 bench!