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Gary Coleman...

in a coma…

hit his head…

Whatchu talkin’ 'bout, Willis?


[quote]kanew wrote:
hit his head…[/quote]

Went to bed…?

He always seemed to sell himself short.

(too soon?)

cant stand up…

did anyone actually watch ‘Diff’rent Strokes’? or what else was he in?

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter the most. I kid.
My best wishes to his family and friends.

Don’t worry guys,he’ll come out of it. This will be a tiny

increment in his life.

different strokes was my favorite show when I was a kid, Todd Bridges just came out with a book called breaking Willis, im gonna get it. I hope Coleman pulls thru

To be respectful though, he did have a great run on Different Strokes. He’ll be in my prayers

He died. I just heard the news report.

RIP little man.

RIP Gary, I always looked forward to your show…sucks

RIP, what a damn shame!

Damn, sad news.

I still have great memories of watching Diffrent Strokes. For some reason I associate it with pizza. Must’ve been on Friday nights at some point (we always got pizza on Fridays).

Interestingly, my kids are the same age now as I was when that was on.

Beware, The Gooch!

Growing up…

My parents both worked and my brother was at school or had a summer job. I was a little boy and wasn’t allowed out when no one was home so I spent a lot of time watching reruns.

I constantly watched Fresh Prince, Roseanne, Webster, and Diff’rent Strokes…

These characters became my friends and things I could trust. They were always there on USA AM between 8am and 11:59am, every week day morning.

Today, a big piece of my childhood died. Someone who, as ridiculous as this sounds, I at one time viewed as a bestfriend has passed away.

This is heartbreaking for me, I’m honestly truly upset about this.

He was a good man who had a difficult life. He, like all of us faltered at times… his body may have been small but his spirit was big.

I hope today was a good day to die for him and his soul soars into heaven on the wings of a hawk.

RIP Gary

Your buddy,


Life fucked that man at birth with a bad liver, then his parents pimped him to commercials and then TV, they stole his youth then Robbed him of the money set aside for his future.

He grew up bitter and angry. I wished he would or could have moved pass the shit that happened to him but he never as far as I know asked for a hand out and worked a regular job trying to liive a normal life. I hope he now has peace.

Whatcha talkin bout T-Nation.

My favorite episode of Diff’rent Strokes… Gary Coleman and Mr. T (my idol)…


Poor Arnold - what a harsh life. Ripped off for millions by his parents, a peniless huckster thru much of his adulthood and now dead at 42… : (

That clip brings back a lot of memories… I used to watch all those when I was a kid too.