Garry Frank's Diet has a special about Garry Frank, and his diet is listed as follows:

I can’t believe this is humanly possible considering the first meal alone is nearly 2500 calories. Does anybody here think that this man could eat this much in a day??

that guy must clog some mean toilets.

haha. he probably takes mad amounts of EQ

That’s seriously an insane amount of food. 4 cups of rolled oats in one meal alone? If I remember right, that’s about 32 grams of fiber…in one sitting. Talk about colon blow…

I’m sure the guy eats a ton, but I think the actual food these guys eat get embellished when posted in articles.

Kind of like football players’ weight in their stats. Yes, they’re huge, but they still embellish their stats.

I doubt the guy ever took the time to figure out everything he eats in a day, and he’s probably past keeping a food log.

He was probably interviewed and had to come up with something, and that’s the list he (and the editors) came up with.

That’s my opinion anyway.

Holy… speaking of digestive system taxation…