Hi everyone. I have never posted on these forums before but frequently read posts and articles on T-Nation for nutrition advice. Lately I have been reading up on foods that boost testosterone levels (to help build muscle) and came across garlic.

I was curious if anyone would share their thoughts on this food, or even some culinary advice (I’ve been cutting a couple of cloves into chunks and pan frying in extra virgin olive oil once a day.) So far I have not been experiencing the dreaded “stank” that would come with a workout, which is a major plus. If anyone knows of any other good foods for this sort of thing, please do tell. Thanks!


to enhance the effects of testosterone ive been told to use the supplement Alpha Male or TRIBEX ( both a tribulus product) , unfortunatly i cant say anything about these products becuase i am 18 and my T levels are just dandy XD. i know Alpha Male is sold here and is highly recomended.