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On Saturday I started getting a cold, I fucking hate being sick so I started popping zinc lozenges and drinking almost double the water I normally drink.

Last night it was bad, my throat hurt, and my nose was stuffed up hardcore. So last night I thought “thats it, enough of this bullshit, I’m pullin out the big guns.” So I went into the kitchen, pulled out a clove of garlic, sliced it up, and ate that mother raw…wow, it was intense and painful. However, this morning I woke up, and my nose wasn’t stuffed up and I only had a slight sore throat.

Anybody else have any similar experiences with garlic.

(also, today I was talking a lot with this chick from one of my classes who I’ve been oogling for the past few weeks, …fuck, hope the gum covered up the smell)

Garlic is good for preventing a cold. I don’t know about curing one. If you live near Chinatown, you can try this. Go to a store that sells Chinese medicine and ask for:

Gong Mao Chang Gie.

This stuff is incredible, its tastes like a strange tea but it works great!

Chris, funny you should mention this. About two years ago i got a cold on Christmas eve. What a shit of a cold it was too. Nose. Throat. Sneezing. Not nice. Anyway, i thought, fuck it, went to the kitchen, peeled a clove of garlic, and swallowed it whole (it was a small clove). I did that about 3-4 times that night and took another one in the morning. When i woke up, after feeling like shit for the first hour or so…better. Gone. The shortest cold i ever had. Shame i didn’t think of that again really (your post made me think) as i’ve had a bloody cold for the past two weeks now. Time for garlic…


Yes, allicin is the component in garlic cloves that has anti-infective properties. You were smart to eat a raw clove as that is about the only way you’d get a decent amount. Most garlic supplements are crap and don’t deliver the necessary amounts. I only know of one company that has a stablized liquid and capsule form of allicin in this country. 1 drop of this stuff is equivalent to eating 20 cloves of garlic as far as the allicin content. If you’d like better effects without the nastiness of eating it raw in the future just PM me and I’ll send you a link.

Ya garlic (need the raw stuff for this) has antibacterial properties.

My standard acute illness regimen:

at first sign of illness:

–1000 mg vitamin C PER HOUR (not typo)
do not use ascorbic acid. Use e.g. calcium and or magnesium ascorbate (much gentler on the system). Cut back slowly if you get the runs.

That alone may be enough. Given that there is no way for me to do a double blind study, I also add an herbal mixture that includes echinacea, goldenseal and others.

Garlic would be a good addition also.

If you do this at the first sign of illness YOu’ll probably find that you either never get sick, or it is much milder and much shorter.

Oh the herbal mixture is zand brand insure herbal and you ignore the label instructions and take it every 2 hours.

[quote]Berner wrote:
Ya garlic (need the raw stuff for this) has antibacterial properties.[/quote]

Colds and flu’s are not caused by bacterial infection.

yes i’ve had this same experience with garlic. usually i slice it four or five cloves and add to some chicken soup- right at the end so it really don’t cook. that way your still getting it raw and you don’t have to chew to much. you can alway mince it up as well or a fine cheese grater works pretty good if you don’t have knife skills. i was listening to a medical show on npr just 3 hours ago and the doctor said garlic is definitly effective against the flu. the words he used were “garlic has anti-viral properties.”

exactly—which is why people that take antibiotics for them are wasting their time and it’s a big sign that your doctor is clueless

[quote]Moriarty wrote:
Berner wrote:
Ya garlic (need the raw stuff for this) has antibacterial properties.

Colds and flu’s are not caused by bacterial infection.[/quote]