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Garlic for Immune System?


Has anyone tried taking garlic capsules for preventing or getting over the cold or flu? How did it work for you?


My dad swears by them, he always used to get colds (and I really mean always like every week!!) but now he take garlic tabs every day. I take them myself but I also take a strong multi-vitamin so Im not sure if they do anything for me.


I eat a TON of it daily and rarely if ever get sick/colds.


Maybe the colds are afraid of your breath?

(sorry, couldn't resist)


I put garlic over my fish and chicken.It's some great stuff.I never get sick myself.I'm sure the garlic helps out.


i think it works pretty well. but if you are serious about keeping yourself healthy, i recommend cayanne pepper.
i put it in my coffee, with avocado and just about anywhere i can toss it...
trust me, you get used to it.


Echinacea is a good idea for cold / flu 'prevention' I mean the evidence on most stuff is inconclusive. Use standardised herb preps from a good brand and don't use it too long as it can have a detrimental effect on you if you take it for too long, just google it.

Might be good stacked with garlic. Also onions or other 'Alliums' I personally like onions a few raw strips, but you will stink badly. Radish is great too. Some people say the slaves who built the pyramids ate only radish, onions and chewed on ears of corn. Don't know if they got colds but they did a good job.


The whips being lashed into their backs probably helped them do a good job too.

Thanks for the advise guys. What brand garlic tablets are good?


Pineapple and coconut oil are also really great for the immune system.


I swear by echinecea too despite a small number of studies poopoo-ing it in spite of its widespread popularity. I'm the type of person that used to get 1 or 2 very bad colds a year. After I first took echinecea 4 years ago I haven't had a cold/flu since with the very rare instances of half day sniffles once a year-maybe. My general habit is to take dosages at the start of Spring and Autumn,[I'm in North America - East coast weather] at which times, daily for 1 week, I'll have a vial from a good echinecea product.


.....Hey, don't you watch the latest Discovery channel shows on Ancient Egypt - those Pyramid builders weren't slaves, but were blue collar construction workers/labourers coming from far and wide to get such a job -no drills/tonka trucks though. :D.


Last time I turned on Discovery, they were making the worlds largest coffee machine, think show is called 'Big'. Will look out for the one you said. Slaves was just a word that sprung to mind, 'workers' is much better.


Just fyi, the study that debunked echinacea's efficacy was quite flawed - it used about a quarter of the standard recommended dose. It's like saying antibiotics don't work after doing a study using a fraction of the dose for half the recommended duration. Duh!

Garlic is great for immunity. Look for a brand that is high in allicin (one of the active compounds). Better yet, eat a little raw garlic (crushed). Yeah, it's a bit much, but if you're getting sick it'll kick any virus's ass. And cayenne is great too. Astragalus (a Chinese herb) and reishi mushroom are also great for boosting immunity.

But remember, boosting immunity only works if you eat and sleep well - kicking your immune system into overdrive is helpful in a crunch, but you system needs a full tank of gas and plenty of clean oil to keep performing long term.