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Garlic and Stomach Bleeding

Can raw garlic cause stomach bleeding?

I have had slight stomach ache for the last few days.

Today I vomited several times and it contained what looked like blood and I had consuemd nothing all day but milk.

I’ve been doing some research and it sounds like i’ve got gastroenteritis

The link says that vomiting blood is ‘very rare’ with gastroenteritis.

I took 2 cloves of raw garlic today shortly before I vomited and I have just started taking raw garlic occasionally lately.

I think the bleeding is probably caused by the gastroenteritis but I just wanted to rule the garlic out if possible.

So what are peoples opinions please? Can raw garlic cause stomach bleeding?

Well, if I eat a lot of raw garic in food, it gives me the liqui-shits. Other than that, no stomach discomfort and I’ve not heard of anyone having that happen to them.

gastroenteritis is a fall-back diagnosis when there is nothing else the doc can think of that could be causing the stomache ache. I had wicked pains for a long time until I upped my water intake, I had been chronically dehydrated for years. Started drinking water, normally my only water was in the food I ate or coffee(I know, I know, bad bad, but I have reformed)and the pain went away.
Blood in the stomach would be brown in appearance if I am not mistaken, in the bowels would be black… If you see red it would be from higher in the system than from the stomach.
I have used garlic for years with no such adverse reactions.
Good luck…

Well, it won’t prove anything, but you could be cautious and stop taking the garlic and see what happens.

If your stomach improves, then reintroduce it slowly and see if the symptoms come back.

In any case, if you have serious issues with your stomach, you may not want to wait around while you play with your food intake. Consult your doctor and get some real advice.

Boxer, my initial reaction was that it is unlikely two cloves of garlic (even if that amount were consumed on a daily basis) caused internal bleeding. However, your question caused me to remember a question I asked Trailblazer about why Dr. Sebi restricted the use of garlic in his work with seriously ill people. I’ll paste in Trailblazer’s reply:

About his views on garlic: To be fair, I’ve not done the research on this, but according to him:

Garlic was originally developed as a disinfectant in Egypt. It will clean the blood and all of that, but it has no “off” trigger…it does not “know” when to stop…thus can eat holes in the stomach lining. Somehow it also impairs reflexes and thought patterns…not sure of the medical way of stating this…for example, the US Air Force prohibits its test pilots from consuming garlic for 3 day prior to a test flight…as well as professional fighters/boxers supposedly are advised to stay away from it for a few days before a match.

Again, this is only a laymans way of explaining what he preaches (“I’m not a doctor…I just play one on T.V.”)…but it’s food for thought.
If you’d like more information on the topic, I’d suggest that you do a search on Google for [i]garlic “stomach pain” bleeding[/i]. It seems that more serious side effects have been reported with the use of garlic, including “an increase in the risk of bleeding, heart attack, stomach pain, vomiting blood, and lesions on the lining of the stomach.”

Though, personally, I’m inclined to question (and doubt) the use of garlic increasing the risk of heart attack.

Wow! Thanks for the great replies everyone.

Boy have I been sick with whatever i’ve got. I’ve been in bed since I made this post and i’ll probably go back there soon lol

I’m going to cut the garlic out untill I can at least research it in depth and if I see any signs of bleeding in the future I will consult a doctor.

Thanks again for the great replies!

The allicin in garlic has antiplatelet properties so if you have GI bleeding I would certainly avoid garlic until you get that straightened out. Once your stomach is better try roasted garlic. I eat cooked garlic all the time with no problems but raw garlic gives me vicious heart-burn.