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Garlic and Heart Rate


The last 3 mornings i checked my heart rate and it is 30 per minute.
I am curious:
- how low can it go(i am 56)?
- is it due to garlic (i read it lowers blood pressure but mine is fine)or me buying and exercise bike 9 weeks ago?


In another 40 years or so, maybe sooner, it'll likely drop to zero.


Get checked up by a doctor IMMEDIATELY .


Thanks man for your concern. Our medical care system is supposed to be free but going in the system costs time and risks.
Risking my health when i feel fine is not part of my plans.
I just heard a man got his career bulldozed by a heart surgery they operated on the wrong artery(he wan 7,000,000$ but $ is not my focus). In the United states alone it is a well documented fact that over the last 20 years the misdiagnoses are at least 25% of the time and yearly the sick system called health system kills over 100,000 humans yearly. Here in Canada the mistakes are about the same.
In Ontario we had a surgeon that had a 20% serious complications rate on easy and simple surgeries that averages a 2 % rate. He was not unlucky a few times. They moved him over 10 hospitals to hide the disgrace but lawsuits were keeping on coming.
They pretend all is fine like priests and their system hides stuff untill it gets to huge that they cannot anymore.
It is a fact that new doctors admit. They refuse new patients that have multiple problems. They take too much time per visit. They recieve a flat rate per visit and select patients that will be in and out in less than 10 minutes. Just like WallMart.
Cost effective.
People die.
We did not know.
We are not aware of that situation.
Well i am human.
Not a situation.
About every 2 months i go to a family meeting and eat the shit most eat and my blood pressure goes up a bit like my weight. My body reacts like others. I just stay away from the crap most of the time.


RampantBadger said see your doctor, not undergo heart surgery. You aren't going to be killed by asking your doctor for advice. And I agree with him, a heart rate of 30 could indicate serious underlying pathology.

Alternatively, if you are very fit and your heart rate has been that low since you were in your 20s it could be normal for you. I'd definitely still get it checked out though.

EDIT: I highly doubt it has anything to do with garlic. If garlic does cause your blood pressure to decrease, your heart rate would either remain the same or increase (as a compensatory measure). It certainly wouldn't cause your heart rate to drastically decrease.

If both your blood pressure and heart rate decreased in an acute time-frame you wouldn't be able to perfuse your organs, which is obviously very serious.


Exactly, just get checked by a family GP you trust.

To put it in perspective, Alistair Brownlee the Olympic Triathlon champion has a resting heart rate of 34. He is 25 yo.

Hopefully you're fine but there is serious cause for concern. I guarantee you every single medical worker on this site would advise you to see a professional.


" Olympic Triathlon champion has a resting heart rate of 34"

During the day it might be 52 but after a meal it might be 62. After a rare Junk meal likely 72.
Maybe i was not specific enough but i meant 3 minutes after waking up. Last year i decided to up my training volume and i read that monitoring our morning heart rate is an indicator to detect over training. It was 42. After a few weeks of Tabata it was 38.
I use the morning rate because there is no meal to modify it so we can compare similar situations. Just like we should weight ourselves in similar sitruations to be able to compare. For a job i had a check up a year ago and it was all fine.


There can always be anomalies with heart rate, but waking heart rate should be a fairly steady indicator of fitness/neural recovery status etc. If you've been doing a lot of endurance/cardiovascular stuff lately, this might be the reason that your waking HR is so low. Mine was also in the low 30s when I used to do a lot of endurance work. But you're worried that it's that low, go ahead to your regular doc and get an all-round check-up while you're at it. Can't hurt.


Thanks a lot. You answered my question spot on.
First i was surprised but said to myself it is probably from my last 9 weeks training. But the next day i remembered that there was also a new thing(garlic) so i did not want to be wrong and say pedling a lot gave me this result if that was not the case. My goal was to loose an inch at my waist wich i did. Now i will switch to HIIT for a change.


At the peak of his physical fitness Lance Armstrong had a resting heart rate of 33 on average. So not even if you have spent the last 9 weeks doing nothing but peddling that exercise bike would that be the cause.


Maybe if he did like me and he was not "Enhanced" his rate would have been 22.
If you read up i already clarified that point.


It's a BHappy thread. Let me guess, one person agreed with what you wanted to hear so you thanked them and declared the thread closed?

Classic BHappy...

Two people agreeing on a thread, does not science make.



This guy is slowly becoming a T-Nation legend.
My favourite is the "eat vegetables" to fix all problems.



@ JLone, maybe adjusting or switching your eyes supplement might help you.
I know boxers and other athletes have a resting heart rate about 38-40.
I know that i am not an athlete.
It was the first answer related to my question about morning heart rate.
I read that expression on this website about 13 months ago and searched to learn the meaning.
I am happy that some of my posts make some readers happy other wise i would be on their ignore list.
Happy weekend !