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Gard and PV Product Info?

Does anyone know about products made by GARD and PV? It looks like they’ve got some interesting products if they are legit. Any info would really help me out.

I used to deal with them but no more. Over-priced and underdosed I believe.
I don’t believe any product should cost over $100. Especially when it is underdosed - Eg: The Gard NP3 (150 mg Nandrolone phenylpropinate and 150mg Test prop) It is litterally impossible to suspend the two of these at this dose and make for a painless injection. Infact the amount of BB and BA needed is very high - I know, I would say the product is at best 75/75 - 150 in total. To an unknowledgable bro you can make more $$$ by selling it advertised at the higher dose, but I don’t agree with putting business ahead of quality/ ripping bros off.

How dissapointing. I had spent a lot of effort pursuing their products, specifically the NP3 you mentioned. Should have known that dosage level is too good to be true when the strongest everyone else makes is 75/75 and it stings like hell.

On a positive note though, it is clean gear, and you will get gains off it, just underdosed/ overpriced for what is advertised.

Thanks a million, any idea if the PV tren / winny product is any good? I’m also curious about Denkall Deca, any word on this?