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Garbage Can Strong....The Never Ending Journey for Strength

Whelp…I’m back on T Nation from probably a 6 year hiatus. I believe I’ve been a member since 2008, plenty of past logs in ye olde over 35 section. Still plugging away…you wont get anyone more stubborn than me.

Migrated to Strongman training from over 10 years competing in powerlifting. Currently not prepping for any comps and using a Jailhouse strong template in the off-season. Just finished a charity event in the past week. Looking forward to perusing all the logs on here as I did in the past. So much has changed on this site yet so much has stayed the same.

Here are some vids that show my training style. Gonna be 45 in December…yikes :upside_down_face:


Welcome back you sexy bastard!


Thanks brother !

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Today 9/21

Zercher Squat 365x3 315x4x3

Felt fast today

Axle deads 470x3 380x3x3

Husafell 200x3x50 feet

Kept it light first time touching the husafell in a few months

Neck extensions 3x20


Good to see another young old bloke still kicking ass. Along for the ride.

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Thanks very much! I’ll keep plugging away!

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Light pressing day today …

Incline BP 205x5x5 205x12
Hammer Strength horizontal row 3ppsx5x5 3ppsx12
90 sec rest between super sets

Weighted neutral grip pull-ups 5x3 +25

Viking press attachment 4plates x5 4plates x10
Dead Hang pull-ups x5

Rear delt and tricep work


Today was tough but I got through it

SSB Squat - 335x5x3
Frame Carry - 450lbsx4x50 feet
Sandbag to platform “48 150x3x3
Sandbag carry 200x2x50 feet, 250x2x50 feet


You sir are a monster, and I’m here for it


That means a lot brother thanks very much

Count me in. I’m already impressed.

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Thanks bro I appreciate it!

Sand bag carries in a mask…new kind of torture. Damn fine work.

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Lol yep it was a special kind of awful! Thanks very much!


Log press - 180x5 205x2x3
Log press and walk 150x2x50feet 100x100 feet

Towel pull downs 8x3 rest pause

Wenning rows, neck extensions, flys, dB rows, chest supported reverse flys



Zercher Squat - 315x3 335x3 375x3 405x2 315x3

DB RDL Row combo - 45x8 95x3x5 75x8

DB upright row lateral combo - 45x8 35x8 20x15

Neck extensions- 35x3x15

Single leg rdl - 20x5 30x5 40x8



Axle clean / press 180x6x5
CS DB Row 60x6x10

Weighted neutral grip chins - x5 25x3 35x2x3 x5
Cable flys 3x15

Overhead Yoke walks - 180x4x50 feet

Meadows 6 way 3x10


Nice zerchers, no elbow sleeves or pads either!

Have you run Jailhouse style training before? I ran 5/3/1 Bigger Yoke variant back in July which included a lot more upper back and neck work and I enjoyed it. I do have the Jailhouse Strong ebook and it is in the long list of programs I’d like to give a run at some point.

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Thanks man! I found doing zerchers w/o sleeves is easier as it sits in the crook of my arms securely.

I’m actually on week 2 of the of the gas station ready strongman training program off of the tactical strongman ebook

I love jailhouse strong programming it suits me well, love the upper back and neck training. I tend to follow the training jail house strong athlete Tom haviland a lot


Fucking animal

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