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Garame's Training Log, Number 2

Heya guys,

I decided to go back to rippetoe after training a lot of MMA lately.
I got good results last time I did this program getting into lifting and I am going to do this program again for the coming weeks, months to gain more strength and some size.

Will put up numbers

Deadlift is fucked because of a lower back injury and my physiotherapist make me do em with very strict form so the are at 50 kilograms or about 110 pounds.
Squat is 185 pounds
Bench is 175 pounds
Military press is 70 pounds

Current Bodyweight is 165 pounds.

I hope to improve on the lifts and will go slower on DL because I don’t want to injure or put to much stress on the lower back.

2nd time on the “A” routine:

Squat is 190 pounds
Military press is 78 pounds
Deadlift is still at 110 pounds.

Had a decent workout and am pretty sure I could have done the military press at 84 pounds I think.

It’s on to the “B” Routine again:

Squat is at 194 now and going pretty good.
Bench is at 178 pounds, didn’t go well today…
The clean went pretty good and finished it with 80 pounds.

been getting stronger and have improved all lifts last 2 sessions :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Had a couple of busy days so did not post that much.
Today’s workout was pretty good, I did a nice warm up and got to work.

Squat = 204 pounds
Deadlift = 122 pounds
Military press = 82 pounds

All the weights went up and I have been enjoying squats lately, been focussing on proper execution.

Thnx for the read anyways :slight_smile:

Training today went really well, got my subscription to a new gym today and I really enjoy going there.

Squat went at 204 again as I decided to focus on technique.
Bench was 180, went up 2 pounds since last time.
Military press 84 pounds.

The weights didn’t go up in a spectacular fashion but I had a very good day today!

Went to the gym early today.

Squat was decent but nothing special today.
The deadlift finally made some progress I went up to 154 pounds today and it went pretty good despite my lower back injury.
Clean also went good for the day.

I could hardly get out of bed this morning due to heavy squats yesterday and BJJ practice…
Training was good and I hope to recover enough before next practice, I might put it back for another day to get all the soreness out and recover fully.

Have had 2 more practices and I have been experiencing more strength during BJJ practice.
probably going to keep up with this routine for a couple more weeks and I hope to get to my wanted weightclass.

I’ll keep you posted how my weight and strength progress!


I have been doing my routines and still getting stronger.
Benching has gone up 6 pounds, same with squat.

I especially like the military press, it’s not gone up much but I really love the feel of it.
I’ve gained 9 pounds the last couple of weeks since I started going to the gym more often.