Garage Workout for Wife?

Would someone be willing to help me design a workout for my wife to do in the garage? She is terribly busy all of the time with nursing school and working part-time as well as taking care of our daughters. I work 3-11 so I’m not going to be here to coach her through anything so it has to be relatively simple. I think the best strategy is a quick circuit she can do that will take 20 minutes or less.

At our disposal is the following:

Chin-up bar
Barbell w/ 160lbs in bumper plates
Adjustable Ironmaster kettlebell from 22lbs to 56lbs
Blast straps
Ab wheel
40lb X-vest
25lb dumbbell
Pair of 5lb dumbbells

I had a similar set-up in my garage before I moved.

I would suggest a 3-day split, but all of this is assuming she has some idea of basic movements. Rep/set schemes depend on the goals she wants to accomplish. I usually go with BW exercised should be as many as possible in a given amount of sets.

Day 1:
Chin ups (sets of as many as possible)
DB press
DB curls
Jerks (BB)

Day 2:
KB swings (sets of as many as possible)
Front squat (BB)
Goblet Squat (KB)
Jump Squat

Day 3:
Dead lift
DB rows
DB flies
Good mornings

Then just add in the others after the workouts for core:
Blast straps
Ab wheel
40lb X-vest