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Garage Sound System

So in the wake of my house being flooded, as of today, I can lift in the garage again. (hurray) But I totally have overlooked the fact my stereo system got wrecked. So… now that I can start from scratch, does anyone have any recommendations for a setup through experience?

Just a surround sound setup, or a couple towers, so on an so forth, thanks!

Carver makes some nice things. I had an old pair of Polk sda towers that really shook the entire house. My brother has a set of carver electrostatic ribbon type speakers. They’re crystal clear but a little too crispy in the high end. Not exactly real house shakers but very nice none the less.

I’m a little dated on the great new stuff, so I’ll watch along too to see what others recommend.

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I have a Bose soundtouch 30 and it is wonderful. Plenty loud for a double garage but you need to make sure your wifi can reach it.

I have cars in my garage and not a gym, so not sure if that impacts things.

I used to have floor speakers (surround) and a reciever but who can be bothered with those setups?

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Great topic! I had an Onkyo receiver and CD player that I bought in 1989 or '90 and a pair of JBL tower speakers. I used this for several years mostly because I already had it. At some point I began to use a Bluetooth receiver that connected to the receiver through RCA jacks. It was only around $20 on Amazon and worked great! Sadly, lightning got my old Onkyo recently. I debated about starting from scratch, but decided to just replace the receiver. I went with another Onkyo (TX-8220 if I recall correctly) that has Bluetooth built in. This allows me (or whoever may be working out with me) to play music from my phone or use the CD player, or the radio. I have itunes as well as XM satellite on my phone. It is plenty loud, but I wish I had a little more bass. I am currently considering adding a powered subwoofer. Does anyone have any suggestions in that regard?

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I have a Sonos play 5 which I love

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Yeah, so I’m leaning more towards towers, just to limit wiring control. Along with a sub. I dont want to blow the HOA into my mailbox, but do want it to kick.

Does anyone have any affordable tower brands they prefer? It’s not weather controlled, and I’d like to keep the speakers under $175 total.

As far as receivers, I’ll have to take a look at the ones mentioned. I dont mind an aux cord holding my phone down, I prefer not to be near my phone when lifting anyways, so bluetooth is a nice luxury, but not required at all. Just need something quality, preferably with some varied controls.

Iphone in a cup.

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So here’s what I’ve come up with, any advice from the audiophiles?

Those are nice items and should go well together. Yamaha has always had a really nice clear and clean, well balanced sound and those speakers should be punchy enough.

Now you just gotta fire up some Yani and grip and rip!

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Right on, cause I had no clue what i was doing yesterday. Praise be the internet!

The one thing I’d look into though is whether or not the speakers need to be self powered VS. having a separate Amp. You may be able to get better bang for your buck driving an unpowered sub from your Amp/receiver if it has a center or bass channel. There’s no need to double spend on amplification.

My 2 cents is macramé speaker hangers. If you want to do it right, you’ve gotta have macrame speaker hangers.

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