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Garage Gym / No Machine HIT

Hi Dr. Darden,

Always been intrigued by your writings (been around long enough to do all your challenges believe it or not)

My current situation leaves my training in a garage gym, AKA no machines and only free weights (DBs and BBs), So when I see some of your program recommendations I basically have to eliminate half the exercise recommendations straight away.

Is there a place you have written about training exclusively with barbells and dumb bells? Or if not do you have some kind of “template” you use to design a workout? For example

Exercise A - Squat patten (Back or Front)
Exercise B - Veritcal Pull
Exercise C - Horizontal pull


Or if I were to try and create my own, Based on the readings I’ve done in the past week it seems like many of your workouts are about 10 exercises, working up to a top set of 8-12 all out to failure, yeah? Do you rotate exercises throughout the week or just keep the same ones until they stall?

Thanks sir, great to have you here.

Hi Lonnie123,

There are few limitations in training only with barbells and dumbbells. You should be fine in your garage gym. Sorry, but I don’t have a template as you have suggested. But that’s an excellent idea.

Ten exercises per workout is a good guideline, with a goal of 8 to 12 repetitions. With some trainees, I always push them to failure. With other trainees, not so often. It depends on their age and goals.

And with most trainees, once they understand the basics, I do rotate exercises in and out.

Lonnie, it sounds to me like you know exactly what to do in organizing your training.

Follow up questions for our Garage Gym folks. What single piece of equipment would you most likely choose to put in your garage gym, minus the barbell, power rack and dumbbells?

Either SSB or something to do dips on.

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