Garage Gains (Jibb's Log)

Hi everyone and welcome to my log !

Why the new life ?
- I will become a daddy from here (very) shortly.

So many things will change, but I will try as much as possible to keep my training as close as possible to what I am doing today (3x/week).

I spoke with CT to see what would be best for this period of my life (in term of training) and it seems to be : Fullbody training !

So I started to follow for a few weeks this type of training. (And I really like it !)

Even though I’m a little late, I tagged my log with “commited” to avoid doing what I did regularly, change programs too often.

Some info about me:

  • 30 yo (31 in november)
  • 181cm
  • 92kg
  • I train in the morning before my work day (from 6:00 to 7:00am)

My best lift (not all recent) :

  • Deadlift : 180kg (sumo and conventionnal)
  • Squat : 140kg
  • Bench : 120kg

How is my program organized?

Every training day will contain :

  • 1 Lower body movement (2 sets)
  • 1 Push movement (2 sets)
  • 1 Pull movement (2 sets)
  • 2 isolation (1 set each)

Intensity :
All the sets listed will be close to failure or to failure in the 6-12 rep range (maybe up to 15 for certain movement).

I also do cardio 2 to 3x a week.

The goal is to grow or at least maintain in the first few months after baby arrives.

Bench Press : 1x120kg (30/10/2019)


BENCH PRESS : 10@100kg (10/09/2019)
DIPS : 11@+20kg (01/10/2019)
DB MILITARY PRESS : 10@30kg (06/10/2019)

PULL UP : 12@BW (21/09/2019)
BARBELL ROW : 12@80kg (19/09/2019)

FRONT SQUAT :10@75kg (01/10/2019)
RDL : 11@105kg (21/09/2019)
HACK SQUAT : 10@90kg (04/10/2019)


30/08/2019 :

Fullbody B

A. Pull Up

B. Romanian deadlift

C. High Incline Press

D. Leg press machine

E. Pec deck

01/09/2019 :

Fullbody A

A. Front squat

B. Dips

C. One Arm DB Row

D. Lateral raise machine

E. Pulldown machine


Fullbody B

A. Bench Press

B. Barbell Row

C. Hack squat

D. Pullover Rope

E. Leg extension

06/09/2019 :

Fullbody C

A. Pull Up
(9-7@BW) - 10-7@BW

B. Romanian deadlift
(10-10@100kg) - 12-10@100kg

C. High Incline Press
(9-8@28kg) - 11-8@28kg

D. Leg press machine
(12@153kg) - 15@162kg

E. Pec deck
(10@100kg) - 14@100kg

08/09/19 :

Fullbody A

A. Front squat
(10-8@70kg) 11-8@70kg
Next @75kg

B. Dips
(10-8@BW+10kg) 12-9@BW+10kg
Next @BW+15kg

C. One Arm DB Row
(12-12@34kg) 12-10@36kg
Next @38kg

D. Lateral Raise Machine
(12@41kg) 12@45kg
Next +1 plate

E. Pulldown machine
(10@68kg) 12@68kg
Next +1 plate

I became a dad 8 months ago mate.

Just get the workouts in whenever you can.

Workout time will be at a premium.

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Congratulations mate !

My girlfriend will not go back to work before a little while which should allow me to continue to train as it is right now :slight_smile:

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Haha that’s what you think mate

We’re talking about women here for fucks sake. They’re mental :joy:

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Hi there! Pull-ups look solid! Looks like you could have gone harder on the hack squat :stuck_out_tongue: (I wish I had these…)

Are you french?

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Yes ! (at the german and luxembourg border)

Thanks! The last two are a bit ugly haha

100% true haha

10/09/19 :

Fullbody B

(8-5@100kg) - 10-5@100kg, PR !

(10-8@80kg) - 10-8@80kg, I want to master the movement a bit more before adding weights.

(10-9@70kg) - 12-10@70kg

(9@54kg) - 11@54kg

(13@50kg) - 16@50kg

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Bench is solid, you’re strong. But it looks like it’s all pushing muscles. Your legs are fidgeting. Bracing more, using leg drive and overall tightness would add very quickly kilos to it.

Row is good. Straps are for feeling the muscles or grip issues?

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Thank for the feedback @aldebaran !
Yes, it’s only pushing muscles like you said, I’ve to work on my technique.

Straps are for feeling the muscles, I try to pull with my elbow as much as I can.

When I’ve done my hack squat I was thinking about what you said last time haha thank for the motivation :smile:

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Haha yeah legs are tough mentally. It’s a hate-love relationship for me. When I do these I imagine John Meadows screaming at me “One more! One more!” and the look of disappointment in his eyes if I give up ahah

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Nice log Jibb, I’m in.

You’re young and strong, keep it up, and you’ll get beastly.

And congratulations, you’ll soon find out that training will take a bit of a beating, at least until things settles a bit.
But don’t worry Mate you’re about to enter the greatest journey of them all.

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Haha I hope so ! :muscle:t2:

And it has never been so close (birth is scheduled for the 20th)

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You make references to the video with Arash haha he had “one more” at least 5 times :sweat_smile::joy:

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Since it’s MY log I will also share a little more than just my training :slight_smile:

At the end of last year I “discovered” Woilid Baatout, a french “Classic Physique” who’s doing Mr Olympia this weekend.
He is coached by Cris Aceto, and I really really like his physique.

Look this post from today : :muscle:

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Just one more pic he posted today :

I hope he will be able to battle with the best !