Gaps in TRT - How Bad Will I Feel?

Thanks for bearing with my noob questions.

I started TRT (150mg Cyp / week) about 1 month ago. I am having a lot of anxiety about dependency on TRT, specifically about what will happen if my supply gets interrupted.

My question is, how bad and what effects can I expect if I had to stop TRT for a period of time? (i.e. something like a few months)? From what I’ve read / been told, a good restart for me is unlikely (36 years old, pre-TRT total T was 458, free T at 6.7, SHBH was high at 58.2).

Are there any resources for reading about what will happen if I had to go cold turkey for whatever reason? Or anyone have experience with this?

Again appreciate the help with my questions!

Cold turkey would not be the best idea. Read the top sticky post. In there is an HPTA restart guide.

Thanks - I have read that sticky and all the comments on it.

You really don’t have many options available with high SHBG, high SHBG will create low free T that will only worsen with age. TRT is your only hope plain an simply. A restart will only cause your SHBG to skyrocket. What good is your natural supply if it’s all bound up in SHBG non-bioavailable?

Thanks - I know you answered one of my previous posts too and I appreciate your input.

If you do a restart, stay away from clomid, it raises SHBG. I think nolvadex will work also.

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