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Gaps in my HCG Usage

Hey guys. I’ve been on TRT for about a year and a half, 100 mg Test C divided 2x per week ito 50mg doses. I have blasted a couple cycles since. During this time, I have also injected HCG at 250IU on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to attempt to remain able to have fertility until such time as the wife and I are ready to have kids.
There have been several gaps where I had to go a week or two without the HCG because of waiting for shipments, pharmacy didn’t stock it, etc. I have read that continued HCG can desensitize receptors, so it is good to come off once in a while anyhow.


  1. Rather than running HCG year round with no breaks, is it better to cycle on and off at times? (Remember the reason for it is to preserve fertility)
  2. If I had to stop using HCG for 2 weeks here and there a few times over the last year, how much do you think this will affect my ability to maintain fertility?
  3. If say I had to go three weeks before a resupply of HCG, should I blast the HCG the first week back on it, and what dosage would be recommended?

Thanks for your thoughts guys…it is highly appreciated.