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GAPS Diet?

Has anyone had any success or experience with the GAPS Diet?

My wife has had digestive problems for almost her entire life and she suffers from anxiety. She has been restricting a lot of foods already such as gluten, grains, corn and dairy mainly. She eats very clean as well and really only eats whole, natural foods and as much organic as possible.

I am going to go on the eating plan as well. Mainly to support her through it and I’m sure my gut could use some healing and improvement as well.

Anyways, I was just wanting to get some additional opinions about GAPS. Thanks for any feedback.

I didn’t find a lot of details on the google, but it looks like you’re giving up most starches, and also dairy?

I mean, if you’re not having digesting issues, it wouldn’t seem to be necessary. And if you need lots of calories (or carbs) it might be tough. But other than that it doesn’t look too crazy.

Oh, and the author doesn’t look like she lifts.