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Gap Between Elbow Joint & Start of Bicep

Hey guys,

I have a pretty significant gap between my elbow joint, it`s about 2 inches before my Bicep starts when my arm is at a right angle, regardless of being flexed or not. Is this something that I can overcome with training? What Techniques/Exercises would you guys suggest in order to eliminate this gap?

Thanks for all your help,


There is already a thread about this.

bigger forearms and biceps will take attention away from the gap, but genetically, that is where your biceps insert on your humerus, you can’t do anything about that.

On the bright side, your peak should be awesome.

Thanks guys, did some reading. Genetic factor, and I’ll just work hard and deal.


I have the same “problem” and I have a nice peak but the more your arms/forearms will grow the less it will be visible.