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Gangster Gear?


I'm a gear whore, so it's always interesting to hear what kind of gear everyone is using. The most whored-out thing I have is my Rage-x. Double-ply, grid stitched, super and scooped neck, open-back with velcro, and 6" chest. So how many of you guys/girls have gangstered out suits/shirts and what kind?


FML. What sorta carryover does that bad boy get you??

My gym just got a mono so I'm REALLY tempted to get some multiply gear. Anyone got recommendations??

460x4 belt only
673x1 in a single ply centurion and 2m knee wraps with about 20lb in the tank

Reckon I'd have shot at 800 with some training???


At least 150lbs for the rage-x, I've only used it for one ~8 week training cycle so I know there's a lot more in it. It's actually pretty comfortable, the velcro really lets you adjust the tightness. Only caveat is it took me about 465 to touch without almost dumping, so I had to wear another shirt to open with.

You HAVE to get some predators. They're the shit and cheaper than Metal. You should easily have shot at 800 in a bit with a good suit/brief combo. I get no less than 100lbs out of the preds, and they're a size too big.


I am a big fan of the Super Phenom (basically, a made to order 3 ply phenom with a reinforced seams and a scooped super neck). These are awesome shirts for a long armed lifter. Unfortunately they stetch out fast and now Inzer won't make these. I have used Rage X's and Katanas- both stock and tricked out. For me, they are fun training shirts, but not optimal for my build and bench style.


I'm looking at getting a "single-ply" Super Centurion NXG Super+, should be a good ride.


Wot, no gear haters?



They're guaranteeing bigger numbers from the suit and lets face it, the old NXG super+ wasn't a slouch either... I reckon full wrapped and strapped I was getting 80-90kg.


It's early days... wait til stronghold and buckeye girl get hear and give out to us for using pussy gear and tell us we need more plys dammit.


Hey now! Stronghold and I both squat in plain old outdated Viking V-types. None of that super duper NXG super+++ centurion stuff. Who's the gear whore now, Hanley??


So since I've only got knee wraps so far, does that make me kind of like a whore that gets a headache and goes to sleep early?


The new single-plys are anythign but pussy gear. After seeing a low-300s raw bencher jack 585 in a single katana, I respect the power of a single layer of fabric.



Althought my Super Katana is pretty fucking gangster<3


Bow at the altar of single-plyness. That's sick!! What's his raw board numbers like?? That's an insane amount of carryover.


Haha, I'm actually spending the next couple of months getting my raw strength up.

No problem if you want to wear less gear, just don't hate on anyone who wants to wear more!


I know a lot of people love Centurions, but I just cant stand the legs on them. No matter what, the legs always ride up. Tried a smaller suit, a correct fit, and a larger suit, all did the same.


Gear is for cheaters. Why can't you guys do it raw instead of having all this fancy stuff to lift it for you? Its practically the same as roiding - although you guys probably do that anyawy.

I kid! I kid! =D


Currently training in a loose Fury, think I might have to get me a new Katana for my next meet...


Actually, his board numbers were nothing impressive. Even board-pressing in a shirt, I don't think I have ever seen him top 600.


Dude, that is crazy top end strength. I just hit 535x4 in a belt only, and about a month and a half before that it was all i coudl do to hit 655 in briefs and a suit with the straps down


I'd recommend the Metal Ace with either Viking Briefs, Preds, or Boss Briefs. I use the Vikings and they're a bit snug underneath the Ace. The Preds or Boss Briefs would give you a bit more breathing room.