Gangs and Thugary

I live in an area which during the past number of years has become over-run with young gangs. It is no longer safe for decent people to walk the streets, go into the bars, talk to the wrong girl etc. These yobs are in their early 20’s and one local gang totals about 120 members. What does one do to lead a “normal” life in these situations. Myself, I am an “old” guy, no match for one of these lads, let-alone 2 or more. Have any of you any experiences of these situations? One would like to think one could become a jean-Claude or Sylvester, overnight, but of course in the real world, even one could tackle one of the gang, one’s house would be burned down the next day. What is the solution? JR.


i’m a kickboxer and alot of people confuse that with the martial arts.
i’m not a karateka or kungfu or anything like that. i don’t train for self defense i train for sport.
when people come to me and ask " is kickboxing good for self defense" i say no, especially for women.
and then they ask “well what do you recommend”
i say " if you have to pay someone to teach you to fight because your neighborhood is crawling with hoods, then it’s time to find another neighborhood."

probably .308, semi or full auto.

get worse, and people have to move away.Don’t even bother messing with them.They probably could care less if they lived or not.They have nothing to look forward to!

I work as a nightclub bouncer/bodyguard and have a lot of dealings with these kind of people. If you actually have something to live for, like a family, move. If you dont want to move, play it smart. be nice to the right people, have the right kind of friends/connections in gangs/ law enforcement, smash someones face once in a while and BE ALERT. you will survive and if you are a big enough badass, hell you might even thrive. just remember, if you survive because of these connections, you can also die because of these connections. about the house burning thing, i live in an block inhabitated by these hoodlums. they burn my block down, they burn their little homes down too. i just hope they realise that.

Move or buy a gun.

What would I do? Well I would make sure I have insurance on my house, tackle one of them, let them burn my house down, and then use the insurance money to move into a better neighborhood. But, of course, it’s also the cowards’ way out, and fate likes to greet those who try to evade it with a little dose of irony. See, if you executed the aformentioned scenario, you’d move into a nice neighborhood, but a couple of years later you’d be dealing with a white collar gang… You’d again write the T-Mag forum-- only this time your message would be intercepted by the very prep school hackers you are trying to get rid of… they would reply to your message with something like, “The best thing to do in this situation is not to turn your computer off at this moment so that the virus implanted in this message has time to seep into your hardrive and extract sensitive data like your bank account data and credit card info… Oops too late!” Too late indeed… Now you’re forced to work as a prostitute for the gang that you had problems with in your old neighborhood… Damn that thing called irony… Well, since we saw how that course of action would’ve turned out (and it would’ve turned out exactly like that, too-- believe me, I give advice for the Psychic Friends Network) I’d like to give you another possibility… try to look at your problem from a different perspective by making your situation into an analogy… Think of your neighborhood as a human body that has lacked a good amount of nutrients for some time, and now it is plagued with disease… How would you bring it back to health? Simple, by making sure it recieves plenty of nutritional support. Talk to your nearby churches, community groups, schools… You could even look into a program that Arnold developed to give inner city kids self esteem by teaching them bodybuilding… With a little time and effort you could totally turn your neighborhood around… Oh yeah… or you could use the body’s immune system to destroy the disease–Jean-Claude style! But I don’t think you wanna do that…

J.R. Mr.Annoynamous is right, get some connections or move. I’m a phyical education teacher in one of our nations “finest” inner cities, I see all kinds of shit everyday. Personally I play it really cool and mind my own business, unfortunity that may only take you so far before something happens.

My hood aint bad. Wit relationships wit mah hoes we pimps don’t got matrimony, we got macaroni! I always tell mah women, if you don’t wanna get beat, get yo ass out on the street

hey filmore,
any relationship to iceberg?