Ganglion Cyst

I had problems with my wrist loading any significant weight on it. Ortho thought it might be because of the ulnar positive I have. I got around eight cortisone shots into my wrist over the last three years. Anyway, I got an MRI on my wrist, and it turns out I had a ganglion cyst on my ulnar side. I went to the dr. yesterday. He injected it with cortisone again.

Afterwards, I did a pressing workout, and I noticed a bump near the injection site. It was soft and not solid at all. I think the cyst might have burst, Im not sure. Today, my wrist is in alot of pain and I have limited range of motion. Is my wrist sore from the injection, or did the cyst burst and thats what I feel?

Why not ask the doctor?

[quote]RSGZ wrote:
Why not ask the doctor?[/quote]

This is the ONLY answer.

Also, that’s a hell of a lot of cortisone shots in my opinion. Maybe you should try another doctor.

The cyst bursting shouldn’t make it hurt. I have one about the size of a quarter on my right wrist, and everytime it bursts, it feels much better.

Go see the doc, if he can’t make the pain go away, then get him to set you up with a surgeon who will remove the cyst.

I think I’ll wait another day and see how it feels. If it doesn’t feel any better I’ll call him. He mentioned that this would be the last shot he would give me. He has only given me three or four. A previous doctor gave me the other ones. He also said that if it didn’t work, he’d scope it.