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Who watches?


I'm a huge fan. I used to get off work (work started at (530), come home and watch the first like 20 minutes and then crash. Listening to that while sleeping made for some pretty trippy dreams. As a Gangland viewer, do you also watch Lockup: Raw?


Gangland is awesome. I also like the Lockup series.


I love the show!

Don't know how long they can keep on going with the series though...


i used to watch gangland a lot... but recently it seems as though after they did the main gangs they are just doing the different branches of the gangs... gets kinda repetitive...

i still watch many of the re-runs tho...

i also watch a lot of other prison shows as well...


I used to watch. The flash cutting hurt my eyes.


I watch it alot. Pretty much all the seasons and episodes are available on Netflix streaming for those of you who want to check it out.




Watch it non-stop along with lockup. Not sure why I have such fascination with the criminal element of society.


Hell yeah,bro. I havent been able to catch up on the newer episdoes (due to school and other obligation) but its one those things where I can sit through an entire marathon of. I like the Biker,White Supremacist,and Asian gang episodes the best.

The only "gang" that really pisses me off is FSU. Just a bunch of hardcore music fans ganging up on people and beating them up for no good reason. Pussy shit right there.


Netflix is teh titteez.

I love me some Gangland, although it seems to me that they embellish the truth sometimes. Still a fascinating show.


It's about as "real" as most "reality TV".


I don't respect ANY of the gangs featured and detest them for making some of our society quite dangerous and deadly. However, I'm with you in regards to FSU; even if I put myself in the perspective of a gang member, I can't even see their cause! It's not like they're banding together in defense of their race or neighborhood or even sophisticated and organized illegal businesses.

They remind me of a bunch of depressed, disgruntled idiots who take their aggression out in music and on innocent people. They can whine that they had it rough on the mean streets of Boston, but I don't buy it! Still not an excuse to harrass and harm people who are simply minding their business. At this point in time, I have little respect for those who whine - regardless of race or socioeconomic status - because they can just go to school for FREE, invest their time in a trade or education, and move onto a regular life.

Granted it's harder for those born into a gang ridden neighborhood because of intense pressure. But there are MANY opportunities to lead a normal life, ESPECIALLY for middle class white guys. We've had badass gangs from middle class Northeastern Queens in the 70s to 90s, and it's not like they were formed because they had it so damn rough; they just really liked trouble!

DMS in NYC is very similar to FSU, but around way before - like in 1982 til present. They're kind of like a hodge podge lineup of hardcore music artists, graffiti writers, and just troublemakers who hang out.


I'm aware there are some creative liberties taken. I don't think they had to embellish much on the Fleece Johnson one, though. You can't make that shit up. The man likes a good booty.


I disagree. The gangs and happenings they cover ARE real and have occurred.

MS13 killing that girl did happen.

Gangs like MS13, Bloods, Crips, Mexican Mafia, Nuestra Familia, The Avenues, ARE very real, some of whom have lasted for FOUR generations or more.


honestly the one that impressed me the most was the aryan brotherhood... cryptic language full support system outside of jail... very organized... strong structure of discipline etc...

has anyone noticed that once they start peddling drugs its the downfall of most gangs they cover?


I've noticed that for everyone of them. Once they get involved in drugs, greed takes over, and they don't really give a shit for teh concept or principals the g ang was founded on in the first place. Then they get in more trouble, and that's when the snitching starts. So it's all downhill from there.

WHen they interview the original leaders of most gangs, they usually detest what their gang has become.

There was a really well known crew here in Queens, NY that started out in the 80s as just some guys who were really into subway, highway, and street graffiti, but somehow morphed into a bunch of trouble loving dirtbags who had little to do with hardcore graffiti writing. Most of the original guys disassociated themselves after awhile because of that.


It's mostly kids and chickenshits, unless you're on the west coast. Poor, hopeless, scared abuse victims. Couldn't hurt you if they tried... There's a tremendous amount of sexual and physical abuse in poor minority communities.

Not to sound punkish, but there seems to be a steady interest in prison/crime on this site, as if there's something macho or t-man about these people. I've dealt with these guys professionally for years on the streets and in prison. Nothing interesting or impressive. Just kids sleeping on couches or floors with nothing to do but put on an act...

It's actually much like a cult; one predatory compelling person leading several uneducated/vulnerable people. They do his work and think they are part of something.


You just like to disagree because I wrote it. I'm not disputing that any of the above organizations exist, any more than I'm disputing that the Kardashian family exists. I'm saying that how they portray the "inner workings" and the romanticized bullshit portrayed on TV is for one purpose: RATINGS.

Have YOU been to prison? Have YOU dealt with gangs? I didn't think so...

In prison, most people join a gang for protection. You think that shit is FREE? Half the time you have to suck someone's dick to get in. Literally. They don't show THAT on reality TV!

It's bullshit that things are divided 100% by race. I dealt with black inmates and black "gangs" when I was in prison. I didn't join ANY gang. Like Snoop said on the show, "you either a rabbit or a wolf - rabbits get ATE". So if you're not a rabbit, you don't need anyone protecting you. Granted, I got stabbed five times, but I didn't suck any dick.

That shit is blown WAY out of proportion and isn't close to reality at all.


There isn't. I'm just in it for the story of what led up to the crime. It's like driving by the scene of an accident. That doesn't mean there's anything awesome about it, you just can't help but look.