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Gang o' Babes

Just wondering if anyone caught the latest Gang O’ Babes column. We’re new at this; we need some encouragement…Thanks

I thought it was pretty good, nice to see varied opinions… it would be great to see some T-vixen responces on training and diet… I’d just like some insites that my wife may find useful.

It was good. I liked this one better than the last because you had some different questions and answers. Let me sum things up as they apply to me. 1) Most of my past girlfriends came to the gym with me w/o having to ask. They found it as a way to spend time together and get in better shape once they saw my enthusiasm for it. 2)I enjoy going “down south” as much as possible and think I do a good job. In fact, I’d rather go down rather than receive. 3) Light S&M with spanking, leather whips and handcuffs can be fun. 4) Being active on a date is one of my favorite things to do. Otherwise a home-cooked dinner (by me) and the local theater works well.

  1. I own a great car with a nice sound system but don’t have any need whatsoever to talk about it. I don’t drink and can’t stand when people tell me about their last drunken weekend. I don’t talk about myself unless someone asks specific questions. And I keep my attention on my “date” and not any girl who walks by. Nor do I talk about my exes. 6) I have been duped by “signs” women use many times. I’ve talked to women who have made the eye contact, touched my arm or knee, smiled and played with their hair, and then found out they were involved with someone and were only wanting to be friends. In fact, I’ve started many conversations with women, seen this stuff, and then found out they were involved, which usually made me back off. Now Whopper has given me some good advice. So the next time this happens and she says she has a boyfriend I’ll ask her, “So is he replaceable?” I think that will work well. But your tips were good for the most part. 7) I have perfect (and clean) teeth, a great smile, no back, nose or ear hair, no beer belly and I dress fairly well. I do have a goatee and sideburns. And will NOT shave them off. I look better with facial hair. Unfortunately, I’m short and my hair is thinning, but I keep it short so it looks fine. I think that works against me. 8) I wear boxer-briefs (Structure), and they do accentuate my nice ass! 9) I have had the masturbation conversation with women, and some admitted it while others would not. But we all know they do. Maybe not as much as us, but they do. So how do I measure up?

I definitely enjoyed the article, and am awaiting more. Hopefully these can become a regular part of T-mag.

Yes. It was interesting but some of the questions were kind of crude. I’m surprised that you didn’t slap the guy in the face on several occasions. That being said, overall I liked the article and it was good to get a female perspective on many of the topics discussed. Guys can be clueless about how women think so any help we can get in understanding the fairer sex is welcome.

Worthless drivel, a waste of space, and something that belongs in Men’s Health not T-Mag. If you’re interested in continuing this why not start a variance of Joe Weider’s old series of articles…the “I am Joe’s,etc.”? Maybe the first one could be “I am Jane’s vulva”? My advice, stick to the training and nutrition info.

I agree with Dale. I too would like to see the “Gang o’ Babes” include a bit more discussion on female training and diet. I’m not asking for a complete cessation of the whole dating thing, as I’m sure the younger single men here enjoy that part; however, please try to remember that there are many people who read T-mag who are married and/or female. Just a thought…

Excellent work, T-vixens. You are each a beautiful, illuminous and yet simeltaneously hardcore (not in the porn sense) reminder of why each and every T-man is subconsciously pushing himself to the uncharted domains of his ability. As an insurance policy that A) He may have an advantage in the selection process for procreative activity. or B) The chicks that called him “fat” in high school have good reason now to kill eachother just to get a fleeting glimpse as he drives by in a slick '95 Toyota Corolla with his new, hot girlfriend. Uhm, this all happened to a…friend…of mine, yeah that’s it…anyways good job. Lata.

“MB Eric: When you don’t understand him, it means you’re paying attention.”


Found it to be one of the most enjoyable articles this week, it adds a nice variety and some weeks I can only read so much about training that a good article about important things outside the gym, i.e. T-Vixens, is the perfect change of pace.

Great article, keep it up

-Big D

Good job Katie and gang of babes!

I really enjoyed the 2nd article. Good mix of training/diet and dating questions with a little humor too. Looking forward to the next one!

thanks guys!!! all of your comments and criticisms will only make the column better! Dale, Paul, Bob - if you’d like different types of questions, PLEASE send them in! right now we’re getting a lot of them from Chris Shugert, and you know where HIS mind usually is!!! (we love you Chris!!! grin) If you want different content you need to help us out!!! Lars, thank you for your opinion…in five weeks, when you see the ‘Gang O’Babes’ listing in the topics, feel free to skip the article! Nate - you measure up just fine! Dozer, we’re glad you enjoyed it! Please keep the comments rolling in!

I’d like to know the answers to more biting questions, like how do they feel about taking it in the teutonic turd tunnel, otherwise known as the poop shoot? Also, if you’re into kinky stuff, how can a woman be approached with things like the golden showers and the like. Yeah, some people think its gross, but I love it!

I myself was surprised that no one posted about it! “Quite”
professionally done! Don’t be dismayed; I’m sure a lot more
people than I enjoyed it!The part that knocked me over was
when you mentioned about niblling on a woman’s “tain’t.”!Man,
I haven’t heard that expression since my high school years.The word
brought to mind instant recall of my buddy Terry D. who was wiser
in the ways of love than the rest of us 14 year olds!
(Or so he thought.)
I can still see my orange-haired and red-faced friend who
stood all of 5 foot 2, initiate us in the ways of “tain’t nibbling.”
This elfish-lad barked at us in a squeally yet thundering voice,
“don’t you boys know what a taint is? It’s the space between a
woman’s ass and her pussy;it tain’t ass, but it tain’t pussy neither.
It just “tain’t”!!!”(I may have pissed myself!)

I found the tutorials on oral sex and masturbation most infomrative
and quite stimulating!Opps something just popped up…got’a run!
THANKS, Babes!

Yeah, I read it, and it was way more interesting than the first one.

Good idea Michelle… I have no specific questions at present, but believe the day’s not over until you’ve learned something new. You may want to look into getting your own email addy here, people can pose questions and not just have Chris get the 411 on what puzzles him about the fairer sex. Just joshin Chris. Any way … this installment was better, I think there is room here for a female perspective, after all… you do have T as well, likely more than the average (hence your presence here and not on some Martha Stewart site).

The information is entertaining. I agree with the consensus; more training and diet info/experiences would be good. I would like to help female friends with their physique enhancement endeavors but intuitively feel that even though male and female muscle tissue is identical, training them is not. Also, if the contributers could post pictures I think that would be great. And no, not that type of picture; even fully dressed would be fine. It is only natural for the male readership to be curious about that. I mean, the original T-vixen Miriam Power article awhile back would not have made the same impact without pics. Now don’t get me wrong, I realize that not everyone can look like a fitness model/bodybuilder. I don’t. I also realize looks are not everything, and all the contributers seem intelligent, educated, and mature. It is only a suggestion.

Okay, Katie, I have a question for the T-Vixens related to training and diet which I’ll submit here (if that’s okay): What are the five – or ten, or whatever – top things that each Vixen would recommend for a female trainee in order for her to maximium her training? In other words, if a female trainee walked up to each Vixen in the gym and asked what she did to look so good and/or be able to lift so much weight, what would that Vixen tell her?

Fabu - thanks, all! Bob, that’s a great question. I hope we all get to answer you in the next column. Glad we could provide so much positive stimulation. Later.

Hey Katie, I go by what the readers say when I determine the fate of a column, but personally, I like hearing that women are just as piggy as I am (and I mean that in a complimentary way).