Gang O Babes Article

Sorry girls, but it wasn’t a biggie for me. The question on size…is so silly…it is the one bodypart you CANT change…so why bother discussing it? If I had 3" and was told 7" does the trick…what am I gonna do? Give up on tring to find a lady? And for all the “stud muffins” out there if you have 12" and last 20 seconds…what good is that? It is a silly silly question that is covered as previously stated…in 10,000 magazines. The rest…well it shows that just like guys, women like different traits in guys…so how does an article like this help? It isn’t like a workout routine in T-mag that might work for say 75% of the readers who try it, what one T-vixen has a like or fetish about may be something that 90% of other women dislike…again, just like guys. This is not meant as a knock on any of the ladies, I just found it to be too much like a “cosmo” article. When this idea was first proposed, I stated it would be ok as long as it was in T-mag style, not too politically correct. Unfortunatly for me, I found it way to policitcally correct, and therefore, nothing new, and a bit boring. Again girls, please don’t take it personally, just my 2 cents. (Bet you wish you had the Kinder Gentler whopper around still…don’t you? admit it!! HA!)