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Gang O Babes Article

Enjoyed the article, also you kind of feel like you know some of these women from regular posts.

Some topics may not always be about “ejakatin” guys about women … I have seen interesting posts of very specific topics on women’s issues re Health and fitness.

Some of the topics might include questions and answers that relate to women in particular, as I’m certain many of them lurk here on the site and need specific info.

Also, it's OK with me if some of the topics are as some say seem geared to young men, as we have become a diverse community of men and women, young and old. If the quality is there and it can relate to T-men and T-women's traing and attitude, it will find an audience.

As this forum grows, some may feel the hard core “only” stuff is gone, but even some of the re-hash is pretty hardcore to someone young to this hobby.

Thankyou for your fine effort girls, lookin’ forward to the next article.

Thanx for stickin’ your neck out T-Mag in order to keep striving to bring us an informative and entertaining mag and website.