Gang O Babes Article

I think some of you are taking this too seriously. Sure it’s meant to be somewhat informative but I see it more as a means of entertainment. I mean don’t expect these women to lay out a detailed plan on how to get you laid this weekend. I think it’s something fun to read. You know, something you’d read after you’ve popped a few Euphoria caps. Still, for those guys who are less informed, some things that these women may come to a consensus on could possibly help you. I’ve never had a problem getting a date, BUT one day I’m sure I’ll have less muscle, more adipose tissue, and my face won’t be as attractive. By then, I’ll have to rely on actually communicating with a woman in order to date her instead of my current method that TC taught me. Which is, pulling my dong out and grunting. :slight_smile: BTW, Chris, Brandy broke up with me. Apparently, I was only interested in her on a physical level. Her words, not mine. I can help whoever was next in line. :slight_smile: