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Gang O Babes Article

For the most part, I enjoyed the article. Some of the questions have been answered a million times in other guy magazines. So it would be nice to see new stuff in the future. I have had many explicit conversations with women that most people are afraid to bring up. Maybe in the future you’d talk about anal sex, giving and receiving oral sex (I enjoy giving it much more than receiving) and things along that line. Also, how about things to keep a T-vixen, mistakes guys make, games people play, etc.

I did enjoy the question about which bodyparts you find attractive and the stuff in the sack that you hate. That is more useful for us (luckily, I don’t make those mistakes). I also liked the question about body hair. Being on the hairy side sucks, and I have shaved and trimmed many times. But after reading that article, I realized that I should just let it grow naturally (arms,legs). As for my chest, I will probably always keep it trimmed, just because it looks better. Hey Jenn, next time you’re PMSing pay me a visit. I’ll give you a nice back rub and a warm bath, Nate Doggy Dogg style.