Gang O Babes Article

To be honest, it really didn’t contain anything I didn’t already know or couldn’t find out from any of the many Men’s magazines out there. This is not to say I didn’t like it though. It put an interesting spin on some old topics, which is what kept me reading it. What I really found interesting was the responses to the question, “What do men do in the sack that you really hate, but never tell them? Give us examples so we don’t do it!” The answers pretty much reinforced my belief that women can’t communicate well with men. I agree, it’s the same the other way around as well, but do you really think that you would not rip on a man who was genuinely honest and open on what problems he has with you? You know if there is a problem then you should say so and not skirt around the issue. Dropping a subtle hint is really a problem because most men will not pick up on it. It may just be me but I have enough stress in my life, and probably even more when I start work after school, than to deal with any “mind-reading” or trying to decipher little clues as to what may be the problem. Throw us a bone here girls! Please! Tell us what you want and we’ll try our best. Also, I would like to ask you, Jenn, why you would think that a guy could not know what PMS is like? Try coming off a cycle of a gram of Test a week and then tell me I don’t know! I may only be 20 yrs old but I have a feeling this is much worse since I’ve experienced this particular phenomenon myself. BTW, if Katie wants a ride on my YZF-R1 when I finally get enough money for it, I would be more than happy to give her a ride if she’s ever in the Atlanta area. However, I’m not sure she would be interested in me, though, since I prefer to keep my WHOLE body tanned and waxed purely for cosmetic reasons.