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Gang O Babes Article

Man I’m gonna be unpopular for this one, but here it goes. Honestly, I’m getting kind of tired hearing about ‘what women want’…and I didn’t see too much difference about this article than from the ‘thousands’ that I’ve read in other magazines. Don’t get me wrong, you guys did fine with the writing and topics, but seriously, I just am tired of hearing about it! I think women want the same thing that men want…good looks, nice body, fun personality, compatible moral belief structure,etc. Trust me, I have a friend who’s a model (very good looking guy), well hung, and he scores more ass than a toilet seat! Is he well built? No, but he’s not fat either. Just very attractive. I’ve seen women do things with him that makes me believe that they’re all very hypocritical and shallow, JUST LIKE MEN! Why does this topic constantly have to pop up in these type of ‘magazines’? I’m especially sick of the stupid penis question, I mean, what do you expect them to say? “Oh ya, size matters. If you have a small dick, you should just go out and shoot yourself, or settle for some ugly, insecure chick!” No, they’re gonna dance around the issue, and say stuff like, “Size is good but motion counts too, so don’t feel bad!” The stuff about which body parts we should work on was enlightening, as I never knew that women like muscular legs…but that was about it, truthfully. Sorry, don’t mean to be an ‘asshole’, I know you gals are trying to do something creative and stuff, and that you’re well meaning. Just voicing my opinion. But I’m sure that I am alone on this one, especially since nobody wants to upset the T-Vixens!