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Gang Member kills Female Police Officer


It's a sad day here in Omaha.

Sept 19, 1985 - May 20, 2015.
A life taken too soon. End of watch May 20, 2015

Officer Kerrie Orozco has been with the Omaha Police Department 7 years and 5 months. She was a Bi-lingual, Spanish interpreter and began working for the Gang Unit in March of 2012 and sadly ended her career in the same Unit.

Officer Orozco is survived by her husband Hector Orozco and two stepchildren, Natalie and Santiago. Officer Orozco had given birth to Olivia Ruth on February 17, 2015. Oliva Ruth was delivered early and was expected to come home from the hospital tomorrow, May 21stâ?¦ the same day Officer Orozco was going to begin her maternity leave.

Officer Orozco is also survived by her mother Ella Holtz, brothers Elija and Erran Holtz, brother Nolan Nielsen and sister Kelsi Holtz.

Officer Orozco was currently active in coaching baseball and has been coaching since 2009 at the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club. She also did many other things at the club including planning pizza parties. She volunteered with Special Olympics and was president of Police Officer Ball to benefit Special Olympics Nebraska. Kerrie was a Girl Scout Leader, participated with Shop with a Cop and assisted with the Latino Police Officers Easter Egg Hunt.

Officer Kerrie Orozco was not only a top notch police officer but she gave back to the community in so many ways. In todayâ??s press conference, Chief Schmaderer stated that the community owes a great deal to such a wonderful person. Her loss will not only impact the police officers but will also be a huge loss for the citizens of Omaha.



That is very sad.


"...Wheeler...had a semi-automatic handgun with a high-capacity drum-type magazine lying next to him."

And the public (per the news media and others) should be afraid of police officers with "military" hardware? The police are often out-gunned by the bad guys! Thank God for everyone who does that thankless job in today's anti-police crazy society.


why did you make a thread about this?




I've tried to like police and take their side when it's warranted but I really can't keep that one up any longer either. Most are scumbags; the rest too weak to stand up to the others. Good cops? Yeah, there's a few in each bunch but they're too weak to do anything about the rest. But I'm sure they feel plenty bad about all the shit they see and don't report. The good ones all leave quick smart when they find out what the force is really like. That leaves bad eggs and weaklings. Add a few lesbians and that's your force.

I would've liked it better back in the day when they kick the shit out of you instead of setting you up. Hard to have respect for local court magistrates too when you know what most of them are like, what they overlook and how much respect they have for the law. I'm sure the cops will get by without me putting in my usual good word for them.


I think you've become jaded my friend.