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Gandhi Would Approve of Bush

"He blessed the Nawab of Maler Kotla when he gave orders to shoot ten Muslims for every Hindu killed in his state. He sang the praises of Subhas Chandra Bose, who, sponsored by first the
Nazis and then the Japanese, organized in Singapore an Indian National Army with
which he hoped to conquer India with Japanese support, establishing a
totalitarian dictatorship. Meanwhile, after independence in 1947, the armies of
the India that Gandhi had created immediately marched into battle, incorporating
the state of Hyderabad by force and making war in Kashmir on secessionist
Pakistan. When Gandhi was assassinated by a Hindu extremist in January 1948 he
was honored by the new state with a vast military funeral–in my view by no
means inapposite.

BUT it is not widely realized (nor will this film tell you) how much violence
was associated with Gandhi’s so-called “nonviolent” movement from the very
beginning. India’s Nobel Prize-winning poet, Rabindranath Tagore, had sensed a
strong current of nihilism in Gandhi almost from his first days, and as early as
1920 wrote of Gandhi’s “fierce joy of annihilation,” which Tagore feared would
lead India into hideous orgies of devastation–which ultimately proved to be the


If Gandhi would approve of Bush’s actions, I think its time to finally bestow all the honors on GW that he so rightly deserves!! Viva Bush!!!

“I feel all Jews sitting emotionally at the movie ‘Gandhi’ should be apprised of the advice that the Mahatma offered their coreligionists when faced with the Nazi peril: they should
commit collective suicide. If only the Jews of Germany had the good sense to
offer their throats willingly to the Nazi butchers’ knives and throw themselves
into the sea from cliffs they would arouse world public opinion, Gandhi was
convinced, and their moral triumph would be remembered for “ages to come.” If
they would only pray for Hitler (as their throats were cut, presumably), they
would leave a “rich heritage to mankind.” Although Gandhi had known Jews from
his earliest days in South Africa–where his three staunchest white supporters
were Jews, every one–he disapproved of how rarely they loved their enemies. And
he never repented of his recommendation of collective suicide. Even after the
war, when the full extent of the Holocaust was revealed, Gandhi told Louis
Fischer, one of his biographers, that the Jews died anyway, didn’t they? They
might as well have died significantly.”
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I enjoy exposing people like Gandhi and MLK. 'Tis good sport!

Wow - I like that - god stuff HH